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We sincerely invite innovative enterprises and individuals with SaaS development capabilities to join the Alibaba Cloud digital ecosystem, build a shared platform for the enterprise service industry, and create a 100 billion enterprise cloud service market!

Partner Rights-Multiple Resource Support, Looking Forward To Win-Win Cooperation

Financial Support

For high-potential partners, Alibaba Cloud can provide partners with free testing resources for cloud products for a certain period of time, and distribute them to partners on demand from time to time in the form of vouchers;

Marketing Promotion Support

Alibaba Cloud will display and promote partners through its own users and market resources, and for excellent partners, Alibaba Cloud will provide a certain market budget to bring partners a wider range of brand influence and product sales;

Training Support

Alibaba Cloud will regularly give partners free professional consultation on products, technology, promotion, sales, etc., to help partners bring new business based on Alibaba Cloud to the terminal market faster and better;

Technical Support

Alibaba Cloud will provide partners with strong technical support, respond quickly to needs, assist in troubleshooting and solving various technical problems, and help partners develop business smoothly in the cloud market.

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A cloud web hosting environment allows your web application to utilize on-demand, virtual resources or servers and saves you from investing money into buying new servers.

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