Host Based Firewall Vs Network Based Firewall

One of the most common computer and network security tools used by professionals to safeguard their networks and company IT assets is a "firewall". The security firewall serves a similar purpose to block malicious packets and traffic from entering and injuring your protected computer assets, much like a fire-resistant door in a building does to protect rooms from potential fire and stop the spread of flames within the building.

A Network-Based Firewall Definition

This form of firewall, as its name suggests, is primarily used to defend whole computer networks from assaults and to manage network traffic so that only authorized packets can get to your servers and IT assets. These ports typically have 1 Gbps electrical RJ45 connectors, although optical ports (such as 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps speed ports, etc.) are also available for connecting to fiber optic cables for greater bandwidth over longer distances. In order to deploy a network firewall within a LAN network, the physical ports of the firewall are connected to network switches. In its most basic version, you can give controlled access across various network segments by connecting a number of the firewall's physical ports to various network switches. A network-based firewall's most common application is as an Internet border device to guard a company's local area network (LAN) from the Internet.

A Host-Based Firewall's Definition

A host-based firewall, as its name suggests, is a piece of software that is installed on host computers or servers to defend them against threats. Incoming and outgoing traffic to and from the particular host is managed by the host-based firewall, which is deployed as software directly on the host. The Windows Firewall, which is included by default in all Windows Operating Systems, is a prime example of a host firewall. Due to the fact that this sort of protection is tied to the host, it offers protection to the host regardless of the network to which it is linked.

For instance, your network firewall is already protecting you if you are logged into your company's network. Now, even if you take a laptop equipped with a host-based firewall and connect it to an outside WiFi network, the computer will still be protected by the firewall.

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