Major Differences Between Host and Network-Based Security

When it comes to securing your organization’s network, you have many different options at your disposal. Numerous solutions can help you secure your various devices and servers, including host- and network-based security. These two terms may seem very similar – after all, both involve securing the network. But there are major differences between host-based security and network security, which can make one solution more suitable for your business than the other. To help you understand how each solution is best used in your organization, we have compiled this article on the primary differences between host-based and network security. Read on to learn more about these two concepts and how they could benefit your business.

What is Host-Based Security?

Host-based security is a solution installed directly on your computer or server and acts as a firewall to protect the rest of your network. With this kind of security, the software is installed on the device you want to secure, so it only protects one computer. For example, a virus scanner is a typical host-based security solution. A host-based security solution typically protects individual devices but not your network as a whole. Host-based security can be beneficial because it can be installed on devices regardless of whether they are connected to the internet or not. But this solution often only protects one device, whereas network-based security protects your entire network.

What is Network-Based Security?

Network-based security is designed to protect your entire network. This type of security uses a central server to protect all of the devices on your network. The server will scan all of your devices and protect them from viruses, malware, and other threats. This type of security allows your organization to have a higher level of protection, as it covers all of your devices, regardless of where they are located. Network-based security can also be used to secure your internet-facing devices. This is useful if you are trying to protect your devices from cyber attacks. Network-based security can also be used to monitor and log information related to your network devices. Using a network-based solution to secure your network, you are protecting multiple devices simultaneously.

Major Differences Between Host-Based and Network Security

Before choosing a solution for your business, you should be aware of several critical differences between host-based and network security.

● A primary difference is the level of protection that each solution provides. Host-based security only protects one device, while network security can protect an entire network.
● Another difference is the cost. Host-based security is often less expensive than network security, depending on your chosen solution.
● Finally, host-based security is usually easier to install and configure than network security. Network security can be easier to set up if you have the proper tools, but it is often more complicated than host-based security.

Keep in mind that although host-based and network security are different, they can be used together to create a more comprehensive security system. Combining these two solutions allows you to protect more devices than you could with either solution alone.

Which Option is Right for Your Business?

Deciding which solution is right for you can be challenging, especially when understanding their strengths and weaknesses. You may find that host-based security and network security are both suitable options for your business. If that is the case, you can choose the one that is easier to set up or more affordable for your business. When making this decision, you should also consider the skill set of your employees. If you don’t have the right people to set up network security, installing and configuring a network security solution can be more challenging. Host-based security may be a simpler solution to implement in your organization. Host-based and network security both play important roles in your network security strategy. A well-rounded security strategy will likely include both of these solutions. Using host-based and network security, you can cover all your bases when protecting your network.

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