Characteristics of the Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry Introduction

In addition to relying on technological progress, reducing resource consumption, and enhancing the environmental protection performance of products, the progress of chemical enterprises is also an important way to achieve orderly management of inventories, reduce waste of raw materials, and reduce product costs with the help of information management.

Characteristics of the Chemical Industry:

1. The cycle of petrochemical products is relatively long, the cycle of fine chemical products is relatively short, and the production method is typical of continuous large-scale production.
2. Production type is a combination of stock production and make-to-order.
3. Products consist of many materials and many by-products.
4. The company mainly does custom-made and design-to-order and outsources more.
5. Higher confidentiality requirements for product design and BOM data, stricter permission control.
6. With a high dependence on water, oil, minerals, and other resources, saving resources is the key to reducing product costs.

1. Many chemical raw materials are toxic and have side effects, and some materials are measured by weight instead of packaging, so there is often a big difference between the actual and the book.
2. Chemical products have a lot of by-products, complicated cost-sharing calculations, and incompetent manual work.
3. Production planning is blinded because logistics information is not shared and orders, production, procurement, and inventory are not communicated with each other promptly.
4. Due to a large number of products, it is difficult to determine the cost of the products.
5. Permissions such as BOM data are difficult to rely on manual control.
According to the characteristics of production and manufacturing in the chemical industry, we mainly start from the following aspects to solve the bottleneck problem of enterprise management.
The inventory information query is timely and accurate, and the refined management of dangerous goods is realized. Inventory management is computerized, and warehouse management personnel can obtain accurate inventory information at any time, saving a lot of audit work, and warehouse management personnel can focus more on the refined management of dangerous goods. At the same time, accurate inventory information lays the foundation for the realization of reasonable production planning, purchasing planning, and accurate cost accounting.
Establish a sound cost management and cost control mechanism.ERP provides functions such as product cost evaluation, simulated cost accounting, real-time cost accounting, and cost analysis. Enterprises can grasp the cost situation in a timely and accurate manner, understand the components of the cost, and can accurately analyze the costs incurred in the production of various co-products. Allocation, product cost information is accurate and fast.
Realize the effective management of BOM and product batches. The validity period of the BOM version is closely combined with the product, which can effectively realize the inspection and control of the BOM and the inspection and control of the order list. Manage batches of products in each link of sales, production, and procurement, and distinguish different batches in inventory.

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