Whale provides an omnichannel marketing platform that transforms marketing operations, digitalizes store operations and unifies offline & online brand experiences leveraging AI + IoT + Big Data to “Connect Brands with Customer”.

Whale is your retail Al-copilot

Whale is your retail Al-copilot, for enhancing retail operations & management through Al and big data, Al-powered content marketing creation & management and voice analytic solutions for global brands.

Product Function

Al Surveillance
- Multi-screen live feeds on live
- Support web, desktop and mobile apps (iOS & Android)

Footfall Analytics
- Traffic funnel
- Patterns & trends
- Campaign / climate
- Demographics

Behavior Insights
- Traffic & dwell time
- Persona & conversion
- Shopping depth
- Heatmap
- Zone & interest affinity
- Staff & shelf interaction

Operations Automation
- Al incident monitoring
- Real-time alert triggers
- Built-in BPM workflow

Advantages of Solution

  • 1. Easy aggregation: connected multiple channels and easily consolidated all contents on harbor for centralized management
  • 2. AI compliance check: ads policies, branding guidelines, KOL contracts, etc.
  • 3. Content-tagging: AI-powered content tagging system can match customer tags for campaign analysis and knowledge graph generation
  • 4. Advanced Search: multiple search modes supported – i.e., product names, tags, color, campaign etc. as well as elastic search through algorithmic capabilities
Use Cases
Up to 3x usage
Created 1500+ content tags
Achieved 95% sharing rate
Generated over 100K+ content

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