Sobot is a leading intelligent customer experience platform (both SaaS and on-premise deployment) provider to every business.

Intelligent Omni-channel Contact Center

Sobot's Intelligent Omni-channel Contact Center, aka Customer Engagement Center is a Saas platform that provides one-stop customer service for enterprises using multiple channels (voice, text, and email etc.).


Call Center
- Inbound/outbound
- Outbound voicebot
- Call record
- Monitor
- Sip trunk resources

- Social Media
- Official website
- Mobile site/SDK
- Email channel
- Ticketing

Text Chatbot
- Sentiment monitor
- Self-learning
- Multi-round questions
- Bad word monitor
- Knowledge base operate

- JS component
- Web component
- Call capacity API
- Voice notification

Use Cases


Seats: 1500+
Platform Manage Mode: Managed by HQ, using by local team
Service mode: Unified service, on-premise in each region
Touchpoint: Website, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram etc
Regional Coverage: SEA, Africa, Latin America


Seats: 500+
Platform Manage Mode: Unified customer service management
Touchpoint: Website, Mobile App
Regional Coverage: 50+ countries including India, France, Spain, Singapore, etc.

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