KiWiAR Technology is the leading and advanced omni-channel marketing digital platform company in China, providing smart marketing solutions for brands and retail customers through the Kiwi One series of products.


OneData — a big-data AI platform that extracts large amounts of retail data to generate high value insights for marketers, using patented technologies.OneConnect — an omni-channel marketing platform which is an algorithm based transaction between the Demand-Side-Platform (DSP) and Supply-Side-Platform (SSP) of digital ad market

Product Function

AI for Customer Targeting
- RFV Group Analysis
- Look alike group
- AI prediction
- Target group index
- AIPL customer Lifespan analysis

AI Retail Recommendation
- Six-point analysis for competitive benchmarking
- Operational AI recommendations

Resource Management
- Different media channels managing individual instances or viewing as campaigns
- Low utility increases impressions per dollar, providing value for ad purchases

Advertising Management
- Book omnichannel campaigns
- Manage campaign budgets
- Forecast advertisement impressions/conversions

Use Cases


Walmart China has opened hundreds of stores and several distribution centers in more than 100 cities across the country.
Omnichannel shopping experience resulted in 25% increase in impressions
> 1 Million online interactions per Ad
> 1 Million In-store interactions per Ad
$10 Million in Ad revenue within first year


Sunway Berhad or Sunway Group is a Malaysian conglomerate company.
- No. of Employees: 11,985
- Consolidate their members
- Build a Self-reinforcing Model
- Automatically Segment & Prioritize marketing content to members – reduce workload by 60%

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