IceKredit is a high-tech company providing business-level services with its cutting edge Artificial General Intelligence technologies.

Risk modeling, monitoring and consulting system for financial institutions

IceKredit is a comprehensive solution integrating risk monitoring, big-data based modeling, across the entire customer life-cycle, along with a fast deployable decision engine.


- A/B/C score card
- Anti-fraud modeling
- AML modeling
- Precision marketing
- AI-based algorithoms

- Third-party integration
- Customer life-cycle management
- Flexible app & loan product design
- Risk management and monitoring

- Business and non-business consulting
- Digital lending business consulting

Use Cases


Client: Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC)
Consulted Issue: Customized Debt Collection Models
Model Deployed: Data Analysis, Best-Timing and Best-Approach Model
Value Brings to Client: Significant Improvement in Effectiveness and Efficiency of Debt Collection


Client: Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)
Consulted Issue: Customized Risk Model and Strategy Solution
Model Deployed: E-Commerce specialized Risk Models and Strategy
Value Brings to Client: Solutions for Managing Customers from E-market Channels enable the bank to Acquire More customer, Approve More customer and Offer More amount while Minimizing Risk

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