6Estates is a Singaporean AI FinTech company spun off from a leading AI research center by the National University of Singapore and Tsinghua University in China.

Document AI Expert — Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

6Estates IDP is a one-stop SaaS platform that unlocks your complex and unstructured documents, reduces human dependency, streamlines manual processes and scales your business exponentially.

Highlights: Support PDF/Image/Scanned documents processing with >99% accuracy


Information Extraction
- Template free

- Complex file/tables
- Multiple languages
- API & dashboard

Cross-Doc Matching
- Multiple file types

- Customized rules

- AI-driven rule engine
- Flexible input/output

Document Detection & Split
- Orientation detection
- Fraud detection

- Quality detection

- File type classification

Human Verification
- AI assisted checking
- Fast responses

- Active learning

- ~100% accuracy

Advantages of Solution

Customer Onboarding and KYC/KYB

• ID card

• Passport

• Company deeds
• Annual returns...

Loan Application Assessment & Monitoring

• Bank statements

• Financial statements

• Credit bureau reports

• Ownership documents...

Trade Finance Document Processing & Verification

• Letters of credit

• Commercial invoices
• Bills of Lading

• Packing lists...

Insurance Claim Process Automation

• Invoices / receipts
• Ownership documents
• Medical bills

• Policy documents...

Sales Process Automation

• Inquiry orders

• Purchase orders
• Delivery orders
• Data from ERP...

Procurement & Financial Reconciliation

• Invoices

• Credit / debit notes
• AP / AR

• Bank statements...

Case Studies

Auto Finance Company

Pain Points: 100k+ loan applications per month with more than 2 million pages. 5k sales staff + 2k operations staff doing data entry & cross-doc matching manually.

6Estates IDP solution: Provide information extraction & cross-doc matching with ~100% accuracy. Validates transaction and performs credit analysis and rules checking.

Results: Rolling out to fleet & retail businesses and deploying our solution nation wide.

Steel Trading Company

Pain Points: Manual sales workflow to process customers inquiry emails and update ERP system. Time consuming, prone to human error and not scalable.

6Estates IDP solution: Read and extract information from customer emails and attachments, input into ERP, liaise with inventory management system, and generate quotations and sales orders.

Results: Automate sales process increased monthly purchase orders by 60%.

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