Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) is compatible with the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) API operations to allow you to seamlessly migrate data from S3 to OSS.

Usage notes

  • Limits

    OSS is compatible with the S3 protocol. You can create buckets and upload objects by using S3 SDKs or tools that support the S3 protocol. For information about the performance metrics such as bandwidth and queries per second (QPS) and the related limits in OSS, see Limits.

  • Client configurations

    After data is migrated to OSS, you can still call S3 API operations to access OSS. You need to configure only your S3 client application by performing the following steps:

    1. Obtain the AccessKey ID and AccessKey secret of your Alibaba Cloud account or the AccessKey ID and AccessKey secret of a RAM user. Specify the AccessKey ID and AccessKey secret in your client and the S3 SDK that you use.
    2. Set the endpoint for the client connection to an OSS endpoint. For more information about OSS endpoints, see Regions and endpoints.

Migration tutorials

You can use Alibaba Cloud Data Transport to migrate data from Amazon S3 to Alibaba Cloud OSS. For more information, see Background information.

S3 compatibility

For more information about the S3 API operations that are compatible with OSS and the differences between OSS and S3, see Overview.