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Introduction to Alibaba Cloud Free Trial for ECS

About ECS Free Trial:

  1. Enjoy these offers for up to 12-months following your initial sign-up date to Alibaba Cloud

  2. No Additional Fees: ECS free trial packages are of the subscription type. Therefore, no fees/bills will be automatically deducted or generated after expiration. You can experience them with confidence.

  3. We do not recommend modifying ECS instance type and quantity, system disk type and size, and bandwidth. Otherwise, the order price will not be 0 USD. You can pay attention to the total price at the bottom of the receiving page. If the order price is 0 USD, you can try it with confidence.

Process before applying ECS ​​free offer

You must sign up with Alibaba Cloud and add payment method before participating in the ECS free trial, both of which are indispensable:

Sign up with Alibaba Cloud

Go to Alibaba Cloud website (https://www.alibabacloud.com) and Click Free Account in the upper right corner of the page. Select account type and fill in email and password.

You need to verify your email address or phone number. Click the Send button. This will result in a numerical code being sent to you in an email (or a text/SMS message.) It should arrive within a minute or so. When the code arrives, type it into the box. Afterward, you will be redirected to the next page. image image

Fulfill basic information and add payment method

(1) Fulfill basic information

Now that your account is verified, you need to enter some additional information, such as your name, address, city, state, and postal code. image image

(2) add payment method

Next, you need to enter a payment method to ensure that your Alibaba Cloud services continue to work when your free trial expires. After entering your credit card details, the card needs to be verified and validated. Alibaba Cloud will charge a small amount (less than $1, which will be returned to your account later) to your card. image image

Get an ECS Free Trial Offer

Select an ECS Free Trial Offer

ECS Trial provide below instance:

Instance configuration Free Trial Duration
1vcpu1G, 1Mbps Bandwidth, 40G System disk
1 year

Enter the free trial page, find the ECS offer you want to try and check its specifications and rules. You can use the filter bar on the left for quick selection.

Apply ECS Free Trial Offer

Select the desired product and click Try Now to go to the order page. We do not recommend modifying other configurations (except for the ECS image) on the following page. Otherwise, the order price will not be 0 USD. If the price is not 0 USD due to other configurations, we recommend checking the free trial page and trying again. image image After confirmation, click Preview without entering the optional System Configurations and Grouping. After clicking Preview, you can see the detailed order page. Confirm that the total price is 0 USD before clicking Create Order. image Create Order: Check the service agreement to confirm the items and click Create Order to enter the purchase page. You can click Subscribe to receive the offer if the order amount is 0 USD. After receiving it, you can go to the management console and click ECS to view the details. If the ECS instance is not found, you can switch regions to search for it. image


The console is the portal to manage cloud resources, which can be found in the upper right corner of the Alibaba Cloud home page, as shown below: image Click "Console" in the upper right corner to enter the home page of the console, as shown below. Find the product you want to manage on this page and click the product name to enter the console of the product to manage and use. image Click Elastic Compute Service to ECS console and you will find the free ECS instance. image

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