2023 Alibaba Cloud Developer Summit: AI & Big Data Online Conference

Date:February 28, 2023(UTC+8)

AI & Big Data Agenda

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AI & Big Data Speakers

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Dongliang Guo

Director of Data Intelligence, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International

Dongliang has been focusing on data intelligence for 20 years with different roles in R&D, consulting and sales. Previously he worked for Oracle and Microsoft in both China and Australia helping customers build big data and AI systems on clour or prem. His current role is head of Data Intelligence in Alibaba Cloud International responsible for Database, Analytics and AI product growth in global market. Personally, he is a developer and tech lover, always excited about exploring new possibilities with data and AI.

Alibaba Cloud Big Data Products Overview

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Hai Zhen

Staff Algorithm Engineer,
Alibaba DAMO Academy

Dr. Zhen Hai is currently a Staff Algorithm Engineer at the Language Technology Lab, Machine Intelligence Technology, DAMO, Alibaba. Prior to joining Alibaba, Zhen was a Research Scientist at the Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR from 2015 to 2020. Zhen received the Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in 2014. His research and development (R&D) areas and experiences include natural language processing, low-resource and multilingual NLP, text mining, information extraction, information search, knowledge graph, data mining, machine learning, as well as their applications to multiple industries, including e-commerce, logistics, ride-hailing, food ordering, banking, accounting, news media, and social media, government agencies, etc.

Multilingual Natural Language Processing (NLP): Applications and Practice

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Samuel Ho

Chief Solution Architect, Elastic

Samuel joined Elastic as a Principal Solution Architect in Elastic cover Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore. He has played consulting roles in Splunk, ServiceNow, and HP Software, and has been in the platform domain for last 10 years, with his last role being an Observability Specialist. His forte is helping customers derive insights on their day-to-day operations using data platform like Elastic. His primary role in Elastic is to empower customers in adopting next generation security and observability solutions powered by the Elastic Stack.

Vector Search With Elastic

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Alexey Novakov

Solution Architect, Ververica

I am a Solution Architect working for last the last 6 years on data solutions and products. At Ververica I am focusing on supporting clients to solve their challenges in adopting data stream processing with Apache Flink. Among my previous project and companies, I developed different systems such as Data Lakes, Data Integration and Data Virtualization Layers. I have also spent many years on developing data services for investment banks including currency trading software. My career started back in 2005 as classic software engineer for web and backend development. In my spare time, I also contribute to various open-source projects or start my own for fun. My hobbies are astronomy, playing music and gym.

Rapid Deployment of Streaming Application with Apache Flink and Ververica Platform

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