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Transfer Your DomainBegin the process of transferring your domain(s) to Alibaba Cloud

Utilize Transfer Domain to start the process of transferring your domain(s) to Alibaba Cloud.

Please enter the correct domain name and authorization code, separated with a space. Each line represents a combination of domain name and authorization code. For a bulk transfer, we recommend that you prepare the list in Excel, Word, or another editor, and then copy and paste the list into the following text box.

Can be transferred

    Can not be transferred

    Transfer your domain name to Alibaba Cloud

    Complete the following steps through your current registrar:

    Verify contact information

    Change your contact information (if required). Modify the contact information of your domain name registrant. All emails regarding the transfer will go to the Registrant email address.

    Unlock domain

    Unlock your domain name (Clienthold State transfer will not be successful).

    Cancel transfer prohibition

    If your domain name is under transfer prohibition, cancel the prohibition to transfer your domain name.

    Authorization code

    Get an authorization code (also known as an EPP code or a transfer key).

    Complete the following steps with Alibaba Cloud:

    Purchase domain name

    Enter your domain name on the Alibaba Cloud website and pay a fee. If the extension of your domain name is not listed by Alibaba Cloud, you cannot transfer the domain name to Alibaba Cloud.

    Check your email

    Check the Registrant email address of the domain name for an email from Alibaba Cloud. The email contains the domain name transfer-in information, and transfer confirmation link.

    Authorize transfer

    Authorize the transfer of your domain name to Alibaba Cloud.

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