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Competition Overview
Earthquakes can cause incalculable damage to people's lives and property if they occur in densely populated areas without prior warning. Although challenging, it is of great scientific value and social significance for us to carry out the research work of precursor observation, correlation analysis, precursor mechanism research, and earthquake three-element prediction model to find solutions to earthquake prediction and forecasting. This competition is aimed at mining the correlation between precursor observation data and earthquake three elements through innovative algorithms, discovering abnormal signals and features related to impending earthquakes, and building earthquake prediction models based on historical observation data and earthquake catalogue, in the hope of promoting the solution of scientific problems of earthquake prediction and forecast. It focuses on evaluating the innovation and advancement of feature extraction and sample construction methods, as well as the applicability and accuracy of earthquake prediction models, and encourages innovative algorithms to solve scientific problems in earthquake prediction.

Open to Developers Around the World

Use AI Algorithms to Predict Earthquakes
Prizes and Exclusive Chances for Winners


Participants with the best scores on the leaderboard will receive the following prizes.

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    First Place (1 Team)

    ¥50,000 CNY (Pre-tax)

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    Second Place (1 Team)

    ¥30,000 CNY (Pre-tax)

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    Third Place (1 Team)

    ¥20,000 CNY (Pre-tax)

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    Encouragement Award (7 Teams)

    Trophy & Certificate

The organizer will award trophies and certificates to all winning teams, and invite representative of all winning teams and partial participants award teams to the award ceremony for technical exchanges.


  • Jun 1 to Jun 30, 2022
    Preliminary Round
  • Jul 1 to Dec 31, 2022
    Semi-final Round
  • Jan 1 to Jan 15, 2023
    Code and Documentation Submission
  • Jan 16 to Jan 21, 2023
    Review and Judging
  • Feb 1 to Feb 7, 2023
    Result Announcement

Datasets and Tasks

To conduct a seismic prediction model based on 95 eigenvalues of electromagnetic and geo-acoustic ten-minute grain-size of all stations of AETA observation network in Sichuan-Yunnan region from 1st Jan 2017 to 30th May 2022and earthquake catalogue in the target region within the corresponding time interval. All of these historical data will be supplied for model construction once the participants finish the registration. The target area is 22~34 N, 98~107 E, and the earthquake catalogue is from CENC. The magnitude of target earthquake should be equal or larger than 3.5. The target region is 22°N -34°N, 98°E -107°E. View and Download>

Preliminary round: Based on the historical data, participants need to give predictions for the target area from 1st May 2022 to 4th Jun 2022, and submit all predictions for scoring at one time. During the preliminary period, participants can continue to optimize the model based on the feedback of scores.

Semifinal round: Participants will get the latest AETA observation data every day and predict future earthquakes of magnitude 3.5 and above in the target area from July 1, 2022 (excluding the day of submission). The leaderboard will be recalculated in the semifinal period. The winners will be selected from the top ten of the final list.

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