Get $1000 Support Credits from Alibaba Cloud

In uncertain challenging times, we are committed to provide support and help businesses from the ongoing pandemic. Contact us to submit your cloud service request and apply for your $1000 support credits now.

Terms & Conditions

1: Only applicable to new users in Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia only.
2: Promotion is valid for new Alibaba Cloud users only
3: Eligibility criteria: Applicant must belong to pandemic-impacted industries such as hospitality, tourism, F&B, education and retail.
4: The $1000 cloud coupon includes $400 for ECS, $300 for RDS, $300 for other products, including OSS, CDN, SLB, WAF, and Anti-DDoS.
5: You will be required to verify your details through mobile or email address, please check them regularly. If your application has been approved and you have met all of the above criteria, you will receive the $1000 coupon on your console.
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