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Standard (LRS) Storage Plan

Use OSS to store static data (image, audio, and video data), separate it from dynamic data, reduce the workload of applications, and provide elastic storage scalability.

40GB Resource Plan Price

$0.99USD / 6 months

Original $4.68 USD / 6 months

Domain .xyz

It is a totally customizable domain extension for every website, everyone.

No Hidden Fees and Charges

$0.18 USD / year

Original $14.99 USD / year

Cloud Computing Exam Preparation Course

The Cloud Computing Exam Preparation course is a series of online courses covering topics from Alibaba Cloud's ECS, SLB, OSS, RDS, Auto Scaling, Security Solutions and other general Cloud Computing technologies.

Related Certification:

ACA Cloud Computing Certification/ACP Cloud Computing Certification

ACP Cloud Computing Certification

$0.99 USD

Original $199.00 USD

Security Exam Preparation Course

The Security Exam Preparation Course is a series of online courses covering topics including Linux and Windows OS basics and operations, network fundamentals, host security, application security, network security, and data security.

Related Certification:

ACA Cloud Security Certification

ACP Cloud Security Certification

$0.99 USD

Original $199.00 USD

Big Data Exam Preparation Course

The Big Data Exam Preparation Course is a series of online courses covering topics from Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute, DataWorks, QuickBI, E-MapReduce as well as other general big data technologies.

Related Certification:

ACA Big Data Certification

ACP Big Data Certification

$0.99 USD

Original $259.00 USD

Operate and Manage a Cloud Server

Understand the advantage of a cloud server. Learn how to purchase ECS on Alibaba Cloud, manage the server on our console, backup critical data and ensure your system can adjust according to business needs.

Recommended for:

Cloud Beginners

Technical Operators

$0.01 USD

Original $10.00 USD

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Game Shield

A customizable network security solution, which has specifically been designed for the gaming industry.

A customizable network security solution


Original $150,943.39 USD / year


A comprehensive DDoS protection for enterprise to intelligently defend sophisticated DDoS attacks, reduce business loss risks, and mitigate potential security threats.

Protect against high volume DDoS Attacks


Original $84,192.00 USD / year

Global Accelerator

Provides network acceleration service for your Internet-facing application globally with guaranteed bandwidth and high reliability.

Accelerate Internet applications globally to improve user experience


Original $165.00 USD / month

Alibaba Mail

Alibaba Mail is the only email service provider in the industry that supports public cloud services and provides fast, secure, and stable services.

A public cloud-based email service


Original $276.50 USD / month

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