MY Digital Talent in U Competition

Cloud Computing skills are in higher demand now than ever. The MY Digital Talent in U Competition is full of opportunities where you can discover the world of Cloud Computing by gaining new skills through Alibaba Cloud trainings and courses and stand a chance to win great prizes and make a difference in the world.

Competition Categories

This category is open to all academic staff and students of universities, colleges, and polytechnics in Malaysia. This category will be measured based on the number of obtained Alibaba Cloud Certificate(s) throughout the judging period.

All the points earned by academic staff and students will be accumulated and fall into their university.

i. Completion of Alibaba Cloud Associate (ACA) Certificate (first level)
– 5 points; 10 points if scored 80% or above.
ii. Completion of Alibaba Cloud Professional (ACP) Certificate (second level)
– 10 points; 15 points if scored 80% or above.
iii. Completion of Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Program (only open for academic staff)
- 20 points*

Get started:
Step 1: Please read through the Onboarding Guide

Step 2: Create an Alibaba Cloud Individual Account
Students Account Registration
Lecturers Account Registration

Step 3: Self-study to prepare for exam

Step 4: To register for the Certification Exam
Students’ Certification Exam Schedule
Lecturers’ Exam Registration (Please register at this form, and we will share the exam registration link via your registered email address)

Step 5: Sit for the Certification Exam.

This category is open to students only. Leveraging on some of the available free resources, showcase your innovative thoughts through a technical deployment within Alibaba Cloud’s environment.

Set no boundaries to the limitless. You can present it in different ways, such as a webpage that illustrates your thoughts through words and pictures or an application development that showcases how things work.

Step 1: Claim for a FREE ECS (Kindly refer to “Free Cloud Server” session)

Step 2: Guideline for using ECS to construct a Dynamic Website

Step 3: Submit your Innovation Project here

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Eligibility Criteria

All academic staffs and students who are working and studying in any public or private universities, colleges, community colleges or polytechnics in Malaysia that are registered with Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) Malaysia.

Group Prizes

1st Place

Alibaba Cloud Resources x 12-month
(worth up to RM 180,000)

2nd Place

Alibaba Cloud Resources x 8-month
(worth up to RM 120,000)

3rd Place

Alibaba Cloud Resources x 4-month
(worth up to RM 60,000)

Individual Prizes

Top Scorer

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


Best Academic Staff Award


Best Innovation Project


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