Terms & Conditions

Price reduction description

Promotion description

  • Besides the price reduction of core services, discounts are offered for some specifications;
  • Discount for databases: Since August 30, 2023, a discount of 50% is offered for users who purchase serverless ApsaraDB RDS instances or serverless ApsaraDB for PolarDB clusters. If you purchase an instance at a discounted price, the usage fees of the instance are also calculated at a discounted price of 50% before the promotional activities end. For more information, see Special Offer Terms & Conditions.
  • Message resource plan: Only enterprise users can purchase message resource plans. Only one message resource plan can be purchased for each Alibaba Cloud account.


  • • Alibaba Cloud reserves the right to disqualify users who engage in the following activities on our platform and/or with our services: credit card theft, fraud, bitcoin mining or similar conduct, illegal activities, or any other activity that conflicts with our terms of service. You will not be eligible for the special offers if you or your organization create(s) more than one account to receive the benefits under the special offers.
  • • Alibaba reserves the right to adjust the products in this campaign and end the campaign at any time.
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