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11th MAY Mon.


- Reveal Fintech Secrets Behind Double 11
- Customer Sharing
- Quiz

12th MAY Tue.


- Cloud Native Databases for FinTech Innovation
- Customer Sharing
- Quiz

13th MAY Wed.


- Protect Your Financial Business End to End in Cloud
- Quiz

14th MAY Thu.


- Risk Management for FinTech with Hands-on Demo
- Quiz

15th MAY Fri.


- Customer Sharing
- Quiz Awarding
- TGIF 🎉Happy Hour 🎉


Nancy Nan

Head of International Financial Product and Solution, , Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Nancy Nan, Head of International Financial Product and Solution, oversees the strategy and solution roadmap for international financial industry. Nancy has more than 10 years experience in financial service and internet products, including more than 3 years in Ant Financial.Join DingTalk Groupto contact me.

Ang Wei Shan

Database Architect, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Wei Shan has over 9 years of working experience as a Database Engineer on Linux platform. He started off his career as an DBA, working in various industries. 5 years ago, he started working with open-source datastore technologies. Currently, he works in Alibaba as a Database Architect, helping customers in adopting Cloud database technologies. Join DingTalk Groupto contact me.

Steve Xue

Global Technical Training Instructor, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Mr. Steve Xue has been working in IT industry for more than 15 years. Experienced on enterprise level products developing and testing, especially on network and storage related products. Now working as training advisor to provide online and offline training courses and delivery service to our customers globally focusing on Cloud Computing and Security areas. Join DingTalk Groupto contact me.

Irene Wang

Senior Security Compliance Manager, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Irene Wang joined Alibaba Cloud as senior security compliance manager and is responsible for security compliance in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and etc. She also supports customers from financial services sector in fulfilling regulatory requirements when moving to the cloud environment.Join DingTalk Groupto contact me.

Derek Meng

Global Technical Training Instructor, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Mr. Derek Meng is a seasoned training expert in Big Data and Machine Learning area with 10 years database development experience as big data architect. He currently leads the big data and machine learning course development for Alibaba Cloud International. Join DingTalk Groupto contact me.

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