Energy Expert Challenge

Drive green and low-carbon development through digital innovation


Last year, Alibaba formally announced that ESG would become a core pillar for Alibaba’s strategies. Recently, we will publish an ESG Report annually to share periodic updates on our goals, actions, and progress.We believe digitalization can not only bring connectivity and synergy, but also uniquely drive green transformation and sustainable development.

To enable businesses move towards carbon neutrality, we are pleased to announce the Energy Expert Challenge. Companies or individuals that incorporate carbon neutral products stand a chance to win cash prizes worth up to SGD$1,000 and cloud credits up to USD$5,000. In addition, winners will be featured on our marketing channels.

Carbon Management Assistant for Enterprises

Online Carbon Emission Accounting and Certification Services. Helping enterprises move towards carbon neutrality with technology and innovation.

A Comprehensive Toolbox for Carbon Neutral Strategy Implementation.View Details

Scientific and Reliable Carbon Emission Accounting

Scientific and Reliable Carbon Emission Accounting

Quantify greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals at the organization level by integrating GHG emissions and carbon neutrality standards, including ISO 14064 and PAS 2060. 
With embedded GHG emission factor datasets and guidance, Energy Expert can generate online reports for organization-level GHG inventories and prepare for verification.

Easy-to-Measure Product Carbon Footprint

Easy-to-Measure Product Carbon Footprint

Provides an online modelling tool to help quickly identify GHG emission sources from input-output-based life cycle assessment of your product.
It also incorporates multiple mainstream carbon footprint databases, such as the ecoinvent database, ELCD, CLCD, and CPCD, to generate product carbon footprint reports based on the product supply chain.

Transparent Carbon Neutrality Path Management

Transparent Carbon Neutrality Path Management

Provides carbon neutrality goal management and carbon emission reduction project management features to help enterprises clearly understand the estimated results and current progress of carbon emission reduction projects.
Energy Expert also provides carbon offset solutions.

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Competition Prizes and Benefits

  • Cash and Credits

    1. Cash prize up to SGD$1000
    2. Cloud credits up to USD$5000

  • Expert Mentorship

    3. Mentorship by our experts
    4. Incorporate Energy Expert product into your ideas

  • Featured Prizes

    5. Get featured on our Marketplace and get co-branding and co-marketing resources

How to Participate and Win Prizes!


Attend the online briefing on 29 Sep


Submit your details below, and we will contact you for your proposal. Deadline: December 1st, 2022.


Pitching Day @Alibaba Cloud’s office (Date TBC)


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Mentorship journey by our experts

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