Alibaba Cloud X Elastos Webinar

Date: 30th May, 2023|14:00-15:30(UTC+0)

  • 14:00-15:30


    Build the Next: How Web3 will reimagine digital platforms and experiences

    14:00-14:05 Introductions

    14:05-14:30 Overview of Elastos

    14:30-14:40 Alibaba Cloud Introduction

    14:40-14:55 Alibaba Cloud Web3 Solutions

    14:55-15:20 Panel Discussion-Building the Next: Alibaba Cloud x Elastos

    15:20-15:30 Q&A Session


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Fakhul Miah

Global Head of Growth, Elastos

As the Elastos Growth Lead, Fakhul drives the expansion of the ecosystem and community, leveraging his experience as the CEO of CreDA and as an elected Council Member for the Elastos 'Cyber Republic' DAO.

Michel Cui

Head of Web3 Business of Singapore, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Michel is the Head of Web3 Business of Singapore, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. He previously worked as IT&Cloud BU director. He started his career as a Functional Consultant at Atos Origin Group and worked in ICT field for many years. Now he keens on researching MNC and Web3 tracks.

Raymond Xiao

Head of International Industry Solutions and Architecture, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Raymond joined Alibaba Cloud in 2016 and previously served as Chief Solutions Architect of Alibaba Cloud HMTP region. His team focuses on driving industry solutions and practices, technology innovation, and cloud adoption to solve business problems in international markets and ecosystems.

Sasha Mitchell

Founder and CEO, Elacity

Sasha is the Founder and CEO of Elacity, with expertise in digital assets and Web3 technology. He is also a Cyber Republic DAO Council Member and has previously worked for Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, Disney, and Netflix leading 3D capture and asset management for Visual Effects.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud operates 88 availability zones in 29 regions around the world with more global regions set to follow.
As the cloud computing arm and a business unit of Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA), Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services to help power and grow your business.
Public cloud service provider in Asia
Public cloud service provider worldwide
Account managing data centers globally
CDN nodes worldwide
Customers worldwide

About Elastos Technology

Elastos has a complete and comprehensive open source blockchain technology stack that gives developers the hardware and software tools to build truly Web3 applications from games, to social platforms, finance, and marketplaces.
Elastos has a unique hybrid consensus mechanism called Elastic Consensus that includes a variable Bonded Proof of Stake (BPoS) mechanism offering flexibility for validators.

Running a validator node can have multiple benefits:

Earn on your terms

Earn on your terms

Users can opt to bond their ELA for 10 to 1,000 days in return for equity tokens which can be staked with validator(s) of their choosing.

Securing the blockchain

Securing the blockchain

BPoS provides secure block finality that ensures a stable and efficient foundation for the Elastos ecosystem.

Automatic benefits

Automatic benefits

ELA staking profits to the node owners and their stakers is automatically dispersed via blockchain code, 25 percent for node owners and 75 percent for stakers.

Get Started with Alibaba Cloud and Elastos

Hosting a validator node on Elastos is only a few clicks away with Elastos Node-as-a-service using Alibaba Cloud.

Follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to deploy an Elastos node using Alibaba Cloud.

  • Step 1: Start an Ubuntu Instance on Alibaba cloud
  • Step 2: Install and Connect to Elastos
  • Step 3: Verify the Connection
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