What Is Alibaba Cloud Community Builder?
Alibaba Cloud Community Builder is a program to reward our existing users who contribute their knowledge on online community platforms.

You can receive the following benefits by becoming an Alibaba Cloud Community Builder.
Join the process of building a global community
Chance to win up to $200 cloud credit each month
Chance to become an Alibaba Cloud MVP


1. On which platforms can I contribute?
You can contribute on Alibaba Cloud Forum as well as other prominent platforms, given that they meet the following criteria: platform should be related to technology with monthly traffic over 100,000.
2. How do I contribute a qualified post?
A qualified post needs to meet the requirement of the respective online community platform (otherwise your post will be removed) and be related to Alibaba Cloud products and services.
3. When will I receive the Cloud Credit?
We will review and approve all new posts each workday, collect all approved posts on the last workday of each month and then deliver Alibaba Cloud credit to the account of the contributor. If your post isn't approved, it might mean that you did not meet the requirements.
4. Can I know my ranking in real time?
Once you submit a qualified post, you will receive an automatic email, in which you will be invited into our Slack workspace for Community Builder Program, where you can check your ranking with the campaign manager. You can also check by sending an email to communitybuilder@list.alibaba-inc.com.
5. How will you deliver the cloud credits for the Monthly Top 3 Contribution Builders?
We will collect all qualified answers on the last workday of each month, and rank contributors by number of answers. We will contact the contributors by email to issue the cloud credits and showcase the name of the winners on this page.
6. Can I count my post from last month into this month?
No. To simplify the process, we only count the posts from the current month. All past posts from previous months or before are not eligible for any of the rewards and prizes.
7. When can I nominate myself as an Alibaba Cloud MVP?
You will first need to reach a minimum of 30 qualified answers to nominate yourself as an Alibaba Cloud MVP. All posts need to meet the requirements in order to be approved.
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