Malaysia Big Data Special Offers

Alibaba Cloud limited time offers! Providing Big Data coupons to Malaysian SMEs and enterprises.

Big Data Starter Pack

Starter Coupon for Machine Learning Platform for AI

$100  USD Coupon for Free Trials on PAI

experience various features of Platform for AI that provides machine learning algorithms to meet your data mining and analysis requirements.

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Create an Alibaba Cloud Console Account GO


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Complete profile and bind a card GO


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Get the package

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Big Data PRO Pack

Exclusive Credits for your Proof of Concept

$1000 USD Credits for Proof of Concept

supports Big Data Proof of Concept from Storage, Processing, BI, Data Visualization and Analytics, covering various Big Data products.

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Data Computing

MaxCompute E-MapReduce

Visualization & Analytics


Data Development

DataWorks Data Integration

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Workshop : Tech 360 Series - Run Big Data and Analytics Workloads on Alibaba Cloud

Sign up for the latest Big Data event in town, Tech360 Series - a 2-days virtual workshop hosted by Alibaba Cloud ! The 2-days virtual workshop will expore Alibaba Cloud's latest development in machine learning, AI and big data. It will provide guidance for you to examine large-scale datasets and extract valuable insights, which will help you build a better future on agile analytics with reliable data.

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Big Data Webinar I

Have you ever wondered who are the customers that you should give extra attention to? By knowing your customer’s transactional behaviors will help businesses to retain and create continuous purchase cycle. Watch this webinar to learn how you can optimize your decision making and gain business insights using AnalyticDB to segment your customer by analyzing the recency, frequency and monetary patterns.

Big Data Webinar II

The key ingredient to a business success is to understand the needs and point of view of your customers. Find out how does Recommendation Engine solutions based on advanced data-driven techniques, can help online retailers to improve customer's purchases and create loyalty. This webinar will share how customer recommendations can be identified using Collaborative Filtering, with step by step instructions during the hands-on demo application.

Big Data Webinar III

Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Platform (PAI) offers an easy to use, UI driven solution for Image Identification, as PAI Auto Learning - Object Detection. Auto Learning can help you train high-quality models based on small amounts of labelled data. This webinar takes you through how PAI - Auto Learning works and illustrates how this is being used in a retail business scenario to track the product run down from sales rack directly.

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