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Alibaba Cloud in-house experts with wide industry data governance experiences and in-depth data modeling & analytic capability support you to build key competitiveness in digital era.

Data Analytics and AI

We Provide Analytics & AI Business Consulting Service

Key Element to Enhance the Competitiveness of Enterprises

Data analysis is increasingly becoming a key element to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Less than 10% of the data is used for enterprise analysis and decision-making, with much less going toward AI and machine learning applications. The value of data is far from being explored fully and utilized to its potential.

Rich Industry Data Governance Experience

The Alibaba Cloud Data Intelligence Consulting Expert Team has rich industry data governance experience in retail, Internet, Finance, Manufacturing, Automotive, Energy, and Tourism Industries.

In-depth Data Modeling and Analysis Capabilities

In-depth data modeling and analysis capabilities such as Data Mid-end, Data Lakehouse, Machine Learning, AI Capabilities, and Predictive Analysis. Help you to achieved digital transformation based on professional consulting and shape your core digital competitiveness through technology and consulting services.
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