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Accelerate Business Success in Malaysia with Alibaba Cloud

Why Alibaba Cloud in Malaysia

No. 1 in Asia Pacific
No. 3 Worldwide

According to Gartner, Alibaba Cloud has the biggest market share in the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market in Asia Pacific region for the third year in a row since 2019.
Source: Gartner Market Share: IT Services, Worldwide, 2020, 8 April 2021

4 Years Dual Local Data Center
In Malaysia

Since Alibaba Cloud open its data center in Malaysia in 2017, Alibaba Cloud continuously provide Malaysian enterprises a local choice to build their businesses and run their applications on a powerful, reliable and secure cloud platform.

Driving Malaysia’s Digital Innovation from Within

  • Local Compliance

    Local data centers generate low latency for data transfers as well as offer fast and secure data storage and access that is 100% compliant with local Malaysian standards.

  • Advanced Technology

    Alibaba Cloud empowers Malaysian’s businesses through our comprehensive solutions, and enables customers to meet local security standards and ensure consistency in their operations with our local expertise.

  • Price Advantage

    Subscription fees are lower on average than that of Pay-As-You-Go, and suited for those requiring long-term resources at reduced cost.

  • Dedicated Local Support

    Local team in Malaysia to provide professional services and tech support enables businesses to lead in speed and agility and keep pace with the needs of the Malaysian market.

Industry Digitalization and Innovation

Digitalization is Accelerating at Industry Levels.

Industry Solutions Video

Retail Solution

Online Offline Integrated Omnichannel Retail Experience


B2B2C Retail solutions

High speed livestreaming

Text search and image search

Personalized recommendation

Cloud Electronic Shelf Label

Finance Solution

Compliant and Secure Financial Cloud


Compliance with international information security standard and regulation

Real-time Trade Data Manager CloudQuotation

AI Conversational Chatbots to automate customer query response

e-KYC Fintech Solution

Blockchain and data encryption service

Internet Solution

Deploy Powerful Cloud Platform to Drive Your Digital Business


Mobile development platform, mPaaS

Scalable, reliable and secure cloud infrastructure.

Cloud-native relational database

Global network service

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