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Automatic Deployment of S/4 HANA 1909 on a Single ECS Instance in an Existing VPC

This template uses an existing VPC and VSwitch to create cloud resources such as ECS instances and security groups in a zone and deploys the S/4 HANA 1909 application on an ECS instance and the HANA database on another ECS instance.

Build a Multi-region, Multi-zone Hybrid Cloud - Build Services Across Multiple Zones in Multiple Regions

This template can be used with the template for building services across multiple zones in a region to build a multi-region, multi-zone hybrid cloud. It is ideal for users who have on-premises data centers and need to build a multi-region, multi-zone hybrid cloud with highly stable business architecture. Physical connection is the most efficient and stable method to connect an on-premises data center to a VPC.

Create a Snapshot of an Elasticsearch Cluster and Back Up the Snapshot Data to OSS

This template backs up the data of an Elasticsearch cluster as a snapshot to an OSS bucket, and restores the data stored from the snapshot in OSS to the instances in the Elasticsearch cluster.

Deploy a High-availability, Elastic Common Services Stack to the Cloud

This template uses Auto Scaling and ApsaraDB for POLARDB to create multiple resources in two zones and manage the resources to provide services. This effectively deploys a high-availability, elastic common services stack to the cloud.

Deploy a Small-scale Common Services Stack to the Cloud

This template creates multiple resources in a single zone, and manages the resources to provide services. This effectively deploys a small-scale common services stack to the cloud.

Deploy Spring Cloud Applications to Container Service for Kubernetes

This template seamlessly migrates Spring Cloud applications to Container Service for Kubernetes at low costs, without changes to the calling method between applications. Kubernetes is a natural fit for microservices. This template takes full advantage of the elasticity of Kubernetes to meet application scale-out requirements. After Spring Cloud applications are containerized, resource utilization is greatly improved.

Deployment on the Cloud - Construction of a Highly Elastic System for the Internet Industry

This template uses Auto Scaling and ApsaraDB for POLARDB to provide elasticity at both the application and database levels, and uses ApsaraDB for Redis and SLB to implement automatic disaster recovery across zones. This template can help you build an elastic, highly available system for the Internet industry.

Hotel PMS - An Enterprise Application Based on Hybrid Cloud Computing

Migration of hotel business to the cloud is implemented in phases. The hybrid cloud architecture enables on-cloud and off-cloud connectivity. This architecture ensures that local branches in multiple regions are interconnected with off-premises VPCs in multiple regions, and can meet the business requirements of different types of enterprise nodes. For example, on-premises data centers in the headquarters require large bandwidth and have high demands for security and reliability.

Low-cost Migration of a Single Database or Service to the Cloud for Industries such as Gaming and Retail

An entrepreneurial company or a company that implements the Amoeba Management System faces greater uncertainty at the initial stage of a new project. Both scalability and operating costs of the project must be taken into account. This solution provides customers with low-cost agile best practices. This solution is ideal for industries such as gaming and retail.

Low-cost Offline Big Data Analysis Based on Preemptible ECS Instances

This template can help you build an offline big data analysis system on the cloud by using preemptible ECS instances and OSS. The template also provides a complete demo for customers and front-line business architects to perform PoC verification.

Manage Account Permissions with RAM

This template provides the methods and principles for user management, resource grouping, permission configuration, and access control in a single account system. Taking an e-commerce website project as an example, this template uses Alibaba Cloud RAM to implement the best practices for resource grouping, account system construction, permission allocation, security hardening, and regular security check based on the business process and the division of development, testing, and production environments.

Merge Game Databases of Different Regions

In addition to spicing up game content, accelerating user access and merging game databases of different regions are a common business model used to improve gaming experience, retention rate, and payment rate of players.

Migrate a Hive Data Warehouse to an Alibaba Cloud E-MapReduce Cluster

This solution uses ROS to create an on-premises Hadoop cluster and migrate the cluster data to an Alibaba Cloud E-MapReduce cluster.

Migrate MySQL databases to Apsara PolarDB

This template migrates ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL and user-created MySQL databases to Apsara PolarDB. This can help solve performance or capacity bottlenecks.

Migrate the VMware System to DDH - Create a Dedicated Host and Deploy ECS Instances

This template demonstrates the best practices for migrating VMware systems that are deployed or hosted in an on-premises data center to DDH. You can use DDH to build a resource pool composed of dedicated physical servers on the cloud, and use ECS to take full advantage of the resource elasticity and pay-as-you-go billing model on the cloud. This way, you can build a highly reliable and scalable high-performance virtualization system that can meet enterprise-level requirements such as security, compliance, custom deployment, and Bring Your Own License (BYOL). This template helps create a dedicated host and deploy ECS instances.

Network Planning for Global Deployment of Online Education Services - Establishment of a Global Network for Cross-region Communication

In the online education industry, most teachers are not located in the same region or country as the students. For example, in scenario-based online English education programs, the teachers are based in North America, while the students are from various regions in China. This template can be used together with the template for building a resource environment in a single region to complete network planning for global deployment.

Remote Database Backup and Query - Deployment of an ApsaraDB for RDS Instance in a VPC

In traditional remote database backup solutions, local backups are often compressed and then uploaded to remote locations, which complicates the management of the entire backup set. Processing historical backup data in this way is a waste of storage resources, because this data is less likely to be queried over time. A cost-efficient database backup solution is required for dataset query.

Safeguard the Security of E-commerce Websites

This template provides cloud customers with a complete solution to protect their e-commerce websites in scenarios such as user registration and business operations. The template helps you ensure the stable operation of your business O&M system and target your marketing efforts and special offers to real customers, preventing bargain speculation.

Server Migration - Use a Custom Image to Migrate a Server

You can migrate servers running Windows or Linux from on-premises data centers, VMs, or cloud platform hosts to Alibaba Cloud ECS. This template can be used together with the template that uses the Cloud Migration tool to perform server migration.

Solution 2.0 for Disaster Recovery Across Zones in a Region - Application Business Migration

This template shows the migration and switchover of a service from a single zone to multiple zones. The template uses a simulated WordPress application service to provide you with a clear view of the solution architecture. You must manually perform the disaster recovery drill in the service console. This template can be used with the single-zone application building template to complete application business migration.

Upgrade From a Standalone Website to a Cloud-based Architecture - Deployment at Ease

This template creates a stack based on a cloud-based Internet architecture, including a VPC, an internal SLB instance, an Elastic IP address, two ECS instances, and an ApsaraDB for RDS instance, and deploys a WordPress image on the ECS instances. After deployment, you can directly use the provided EIP address to access the WordPress website.

Use a Low-cost Link to Migrate Business Data to the Cloud

This template applies to the migration of business data to the cloud. Migrating large amounts of business data to the cloud requires a lot of network bandwidth, incurring high Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) costs. Alibaba Cloud allows you to purchase single-line shared bandwidth packages in the required regions, which can effectively reduce costs for data migration. The packages are divided by ISPs such as China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom.

Use Batch Compute for Third-generation Genome Sequencing and Assembly

This template demonstrates the best practices of using the WDL-Canu solution provided by Batch Compute to conduct third-generation genome assembly.

Use DevOps to Deploy Containerized Applications to a Container Service for Kubernetes Cluster

The goal of DevOps is to create a working environment in which building, testing, and deploying software can occur at a more rapid, frequent, and reliable pace. In the container era, not only are there more machines The deployment instruction for the solution -, changes also happen more frequently. Some enterprises even require their applications to be automatically scaled as needed. In order to meet the agile requirements of enterprises, continuous deployment is also necessary. This solution uses DevOps to complete automated development and continuous deployment of containerized applications (backend services for mini programs).

Use E-HPC for Industrial Simulation

This solution is applicable to scenarios where E-HPC and OSS are used to run software for model simulation. This template runs an open-source simulation tool called LAMMPS, and uses OSS to upload data.

Use FPGA-based ECS Instances to Accelerate Image and Video Transcoding

This template provides high efficiency transcoding solutions for videos and images. Transcoded files maintain high image quality at low bit rates, reducing the bandwidth required for transmission as well as reducing transcoding and storage costs.

Use Function Compute to Build a Web-based File Processing Service

This template uses a serverless architecture to build a web-based file processing service. After you upload a file to a specified OSS bucket or update the file by using the relevant API, SDK, or Alibaba Cloud console, the file can be automatically compressed and decompressed, and file metadata such as the MD5 checksum value can be automatically obtained.

Use Lightweight GPU Instances to Deploy Cloud Games

With the widespread application of AI in scenarios such as deep learning, video processing, scientific computing, and graphic visualization, the market demand for GPU instances is growing. However, the problem of excess computing power and rising costs caused by ultra-large-scale elastic computing starting out with a single physical GPU is becoming increasingly prominent. The emergence of lightweight GPUs has broken the limitations of the traditional pass-through mode. A lightweight GPU can provide finer-grained services than a physical GPU, allowing customers to conduct business more flexibly at lower costs.

Use Log Service to Collect, Process, and Analyze Logs from Multiple Cloud Platforms

This template collects logs from third-party cloud platforms or servers in on-premises data centers and writes the logs to Alibaba Cloud Log Service. Data analysis is then performed by using Log Service to help improve O&M efficiency and build up the capabilities to process huge amounts of logs in the data technology era.

VMware on ECS Bare Metal Instances

This template migrates a VMware environment to Alibaba Cloud ECS Bare Metal Instances. The template uses the elastic infrastructure provided by the cloud computing platform to smoothly migrate offline services to the cloud.

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