Unified Cloud Resources and Services Governance

To ensure customer needs are consistently met, a single point of contact is required to help customers centrally plan and manage the utilization, especially throughout the journey of IDC, Application, and Data Platform migration to the Cloud.

Portfolio Management on Complex Business Scenarios

When multiple business tracks are running concurrently to achieve overarching business objectives, it is required to have a comprehensive overview of the implementation of the entire portfolio with a practical execution plan incorporating projects and programs aligning business milestones.

Enterprise Digital Transformation

For customers planning IaaS, PaaS (Data Middle End, Business Middle End, IOT Platform), MaaS (Model as Service) and SaaS (QuickAudience, SFDC) go cloud, it is advised to embed value-adding customer success service into the transformation journey to leverage the digital transformation best practices from Alibaba Cloud ecosystem.


Significantly Enhance Management Insight and Service Quality

We tailor exclusive customer success plans for you through professional customer success service. provide a holistic view of all the strategic initiatives and comprehensive service reports to management. Relentless drive service improvement to better shape cloud & digital strategic project planning.

Accelerating Business Value Delivery

We leverage digital products and services to achieve accelerated adoption of success plans, especially on the resolution of customer pain points, value realization of focused business scenarios, and MVP as well as solution optimization.

Empowering Business Innovation

With an emphasis on client business value and growth, our Customer Success Manager will provide experienced innovative, and effective solutions and services from the Alibaba Cloud ecosystem into customer environments.

Service Acceptance Criteria
Alibaba Cloud and the customer reach an agreement on delivery content at each stage to ensure that the overall plan and deliverables meet the customer's expectations.

Service Process

  • STEP1

    Service Request & Order

    Prerequisites: The customer must request the service at least 15 business days in advance. Alibaba Cloud and the customer must agree on the service requirements and objectives.

    After the first requirement discussion, the customer can purchase Customer Success Service on the official website of Alibaba Cloud at an enterprise discount. Alternatively, the customer can purchase Customer Success Service together with other cloud services by signing a contract offline.
  • STEP2

    As-Is Situation Research & Solution Design

    After Completed Order Placement:
    ●  Alibaba Cloud collects the required information for solution design, conducts systematic research, performs a primary evaluation of the solution objectives, and submits the Customer Success Research and Analysis Report.
    ● The customer must support the research and provide related information such as the IT infrastructure conditions, management status, business status, and digitalization progress. The customer can discuss the solution objectives with Alibaba Cloud.

    After Completed As-Is Situation Research:
    ● Alibaba Cloud submits the Customer Success Service Solution.
    ● The customer reviews and verifies the solution, and determines whether to approve the solution and architecture.
  • STEP3

    Implementation & Enablement

    Based on the service plan, Alibaba Cloud monitors the execution of each project as planned to ensure the implementation. We offer industry solutions and product solution assistance adapted to individual service plans or customer requirements to assist users in comprehending and effectively utilizing products and enhancing digital capabilities.

    The customer can submit the key focus of the training or enablement services based on the service plan and assist Alibaba Cloud appropriately in providing the services.
  • STEP4

    Service Completion

    Alibaba Cloud submits the Comprehensive Customer Service Report.

    The customer reviews and verifies the solution, and accepts the service deliverables.
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