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Developer Stories

Learn About How Developers are Using Alibaba Cloud in New and Creative Ways

Unlike most people, coding came more natural for me. I started coding when I was six-years-old. I guess you could say I spent half my time learning cursive and half my time coding, so it’s a second language. It’s one of the reasons I love being a developer so much, technology is always changing, and every day I can fulfill my dream never to stop learning, growing and improving. I regularly have to learn new languages and platforms to reduce maintenance costs, but this is changing, thanks to Alibaba Cloud, I can walk through problems with the technical support staff and customer service representatives.

Three years ago, I turned my love of group fitness into becoming a certified instructor, teaching since then. Two years ago, I designed and built a fitness tracker that would record workout metrics in real-time and link to social media. And last year, I joined Alibaba to realize my dream of using technology to benefit a wider audience – from professional athletes to the general public. Being a developer allows me to connect my two passions – technology and fitness – and affords me the opportunity to share both passions with the world. Alibaba Cloud provides me with the platform and the technological know-how to connect my two loves while supporting the growing community of tech and fitness enthusiasts.

From a young age, I was always amazed at what a computer can do and the power such a seemingly simple device has to change people’s lives. In high school, I witnessed the paradigm shift to the digital age and decided it was something for which I wanted to take part. That’s when I decided to become a software developer. After studying for such a long time, it is now my mission to use those skills for the betterment of society. I still believe there is a huge back between technology and every day consumers. It is my goal and dream to make technology-driven products relevant for the end user. Alibaba Cloud allows for everything I create to be translated into a better user experience.

Since I started coding in 2014, it has become a passion of mine. While I am a software engineer by training, I believe a developer has the power to turn imaginations and dreams into reality. A developer doesn’t find anything impossible and will work to find a solution or work around so what was once a figment of the imagination is a fully functional tool bettering people’s lives. For me, Alibaba Cloud gives me the platform to work on small solutions that have powerful implications for society.

During 6th grade I first started working and supporting my family, throughout my education, I worked nights and studied by day. Today, due to hard work, I am now a Solutions Architect. In my experience, both developing and technology have given me hope. The hope being able to change me and my families fortune. There is consistently something to learn. There will also always be challenges, but as with code, each problem is a new beginning of something beautiful. When I use Alibaba Cloud, I find I'm on a team that enables me to start the process from turning a problem into a solution.

Recommended Products

Simple Application Server (SAS)HOT

A simple easy-to-use product perfect for beginner developers

  • Easy to start, multiple images and software installed.
  • Easy-to-scale, seamlessly open a new instance in seconds
  • Easy billing, predictable price every month.


1 Core CPU

0.5GB Memory DDR4

20GB SSD Cloud Disk

1TB Data Transfer

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2 Core CPU

4GB Memory DDR4

60GB SSD Cloud Disk

4TB Data Transfer

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Elastic Compute Service (ECS)

Suitable for developers with more experience, provides both flexibility and power

  • Full access to your own server, build everything yourself.
  • Easily connected to all Alibaba Cloud products including AI, Big Data, IoT, etc.
  • Build industry solutions in Finance, Gaming, Retail, Manufacturing and more.

ECS T5.Nano

1 Core CPU

512MB Memory DDR4

40GB Ultra Cloud Disk


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ECS Sn1.Medium

2 Core CPU

4GB Memory DDR4

40GB Ultra Cloud Disk

Compute Optimized Type

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Apsara for RDS

MySQL, SQL Server and PostgreSQL.Handles provisioning, patching, backup, recovery, failure detection, and repair.

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Plesk Onyx on Ubuntu (Free)

Web Admin SE – FREE

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Express Conect

Dedicated network connection between different cloud environments

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Protects applications from potential risks, threats and vulnerabilities

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Indonesia Data Center

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 64bit

A stable, high-performance, enterprise level operating system certified by Red Hat.

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Crowdsourcing the Cloud

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Join the 1 million Developers on Alibaba Cloud

Focus on Your Application

Leave the Infrastructure to Us

Build Apps Faster

Rapid server access and a simple console packed with powerful features designed to help you quickly build and scale your application. You have easy access to storage, databases, big data, video, and the latest Alibaba Cloud services to strengthen your Application.

Predictable Billing

Fixed billing, know exactly how much you will pay on cloud. No nasty bill surprises or price hikes during your plan. Knowing your exact bill each month makes it easier to budget and direct debit payments make it hassle-free.

Software & Images

Variety software and images available on our market place. Plesk,Dropal, Joomla, Wordpress, LAMP, cPanel… Access them for free!

Secure & Reliable

As a Singapore registered company, Alibaba Cloud complies with high-level international certifications to guarantee data security. We also provide free customer service and technical support so you are never caught flat-footed.

Power Your Business with Latest Technology

Benefit From Our Continuous Innovation

Customizable Hardware for Higher Performance

Use the latest Intel Skylake chip with 25G Ethernet connectivity and SSD storage to enhance your server performance.

Robust Cloud Platform - Apsara

Use Aspara Aliware, the underlying technology that powers Alibaba’s successful online marketplaces, applications and companies. A single Aspara cluster can be scaled up to 5,000 servers with 100 petabyte storage capacity and 100,000 CPU cores

Continuous Innovation

Alibaba Cloud is continually updating and enhancing its product ecosystem. In total Alibaba Cloud has launched 104 products, ECS is now in its 4th generation. Alibaba Cloud's research and development arm are also at the forefront of artificial intelligence and machine learning research.

Top of 2015 Sort Benchmark Contests

In 2015 results recently released on the Sort Benchmark website, Alibaba Cloud's FuxiSort took less than six-and-a-half minutes (377 seconds) to sort 100 TB of data, crushing a 23.4-minute record set in 2014 by Apache Spark, which had itself replaced a previous Hadoop record of 72 minutes.

Affordable Cloud for Everyone

Lower Your IT Costs, Devote Your Budget To Your Business


In the past four years, Alibaba Cloud has continuously cut prices in China. Because of this cost reduction, each customer can enjoy the benefits of scaling their business while steadily reducing their investment in IT infrastructure. Alibaba Cloud will continue to continuously reduce prices worldwide, allowing users to scale with ease.


By selecting our prepaid instance service, you can effectively reduce costs by 75%, Alibaba Cloud's prepaid promotions packages, such as the Pioneer Package are meant to minimize hassle and increase productivity.

Use Our Products to Scale Your Business

Offering a Variety of Cloud Services Across All Industries


Over 20 million domain registered here, No hidden fees and charges,

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An encrypted and secure cloud storage service which stores, processes and accesses massive amounts of data

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A scalable and high-performance content delivery service for accelerated distribution of content to users across the globe

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Anti-DDos Pro

A value-added service to protect your online business from malicious DDoS attack

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Max Compute

Conduct large-scale data warehousing with MaxCompute

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Intelligent Service Robot

A dialog platform that enables smart dialog through a range of dialog-enabling clients

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