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Writing Sample

Please submit 1-3 titles for articles you wish to write.
Topics are flexible, but innovative topics and tutorials related to Alibaba Cloud products and solutions are preferred.
Please note that we only publish original content, and don't accept republished content.

A writing sample is an important way for us to evaluate your application. Currently we only accept articles written in English. While you do not have to be an experienced writer, we recommend that you follow Alibaba Cloud’s standard tutorial style and tone.
You may choose to submit a sample tutorial on the topic you wish to publish, including an introduction and the first two steps. (You are recommended to start writing the full article only after getting our confirmation on your topics and samples).
Alternatively, you may submit an article that you have previously published, which showcases your writing style on a technical topic. If you choose this option, please ensure that your final submission has a similar level of technical depth and language style as your sample piece.

Please share a link to your website, GitHub account, Twitter profile, etc. If you maintain an open source project (or contribute significantly to one), we'd love to hear about it! Let us know about your experience with the technology you wish to write about and what interests you in becoming an Alibaba Cloud writer.