What are Reserved Instances (RI)?

Reserved Instances (RI) provide a up to 79% off discount compared to pay-as-you-go pricing model and provide a instance reservation capability.
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RI Payment Models


For One Year Plans*

For Three Year Plans*

All Upfront

Total Upfront Payment

Up to 68% Off

Up to 79% Off

Partial Upfront

Half Upfront + Hourly Fee

Up to 67% Off

Up to 78% Off

Zero Upfront

Zero Upfront + Hourly Fee

Up to 64% Off

Up to 76% Off

*Compared with pay-as-you-go list price

Save up to 79% off for Pay-As-You-Go Instances

The best choice for long-term use, both one-year and three-year options are available.
Burstable Type
Perfect for building websites and blogs
1 Core CPU
512 MB Memory
Linux OS
One Year Plan
All Upfront
63% OFF
From $22.13 USD+$0.0/hr
Save $47.95 USD
Burstable Type
Best for hosting web applications
1 Core CPU
2 GB Memory
Linux OS
One Year Plan
All Upfront
70% OFF
From $56.81 USD+$0.0/hr
Save $118.39 USD
General Purpose Type
Suitable for scenarios and workloads that need high-performance
2 Core CPU
8 GB Memory
Linux OS
One Year Plan
Partial Upfront
66% OFF
From $150.76 USD+$0.018/hr
Save $585.08 USD
Computation Type
Designed for front-end web servers and scenarios requiring high PPS
2 Core CPU
4 Gb Memory
Linux OS
Three Year Plan
All Upfront
79% OFF
From $557.17 USD+$0.0/hr
Save $56.65 USD

Are You Struggling With Any of These Problems?

Reserved Instances might be the solution that best suits you.
Are Pay-As-You-Go Instances Too Expensive?
I only use each of my instances for a short period, so I use many pay-as-you-go instances, which are generally more expensive!
Need instance flexibility?
When I'm going to deploy a new app, I need to spin up a new instance, but if I do that, I will miss out on my current price!
Server Specs out of Stock?
I need that specific configuration for special holidays and events e-commerce season, but it was out of stock when I needed it last year. Can I reserve instances for later use?
Got a Tight Budget?
Paying for everything upfront is difficult, especially when I have a tight budget. Do I have to pay upfront?

Reserved Instances (RI) Solve Your Problems

Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) is cheaper in the long run
Compared with general PAYG instance, three-year Reserved Instances gets up to 79% off discount.
Settings and discounts unbind with instance
Now Reserved Instances are physically separated with the virtual machines. So you can create a new instance if needed, and your discount is also transferable.
Reserve your instances in advance
Zonal Reserved Instances support reserved instances, meaning that you don't have to worry about out of stock specifications.
Supports zero upfront and partial upfront
Reserved Instances support three types of payments: all upfront, partial upfront, and zero upfront (need to apply first). If your cash flow is tight, zero or partial upfront payment is your best option.

Use Reserved Instances with ECS for Best Results

ECS is a powerful online computing service that offers elastic, scalable and secure cloud servers
5X Higher Computing Performance
The Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2682 v4 and the Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8163 Processor with a CPU clock speed of 2.5 GHz support up to 56 cores and 480 GB of memory.
4X Increase in Packet Handling
Based on the second generation of Apsara VSwitch, a proprietary technology stack by Alibaba Cloud, we provide up to 7 million packets per second (PPS) of packet forwarding capability, reducing latency by 66%.
3X Higher Intranet Bandwidth
Thanks to the second generation of Apsara VSwitch, our virtual machines can provide up to 30Gbps in networking throughput.
Local NVMe SSD Up to 240,000 IOPS
The highest random read and write I/O capability of one instance is 240,000 IOPS, with the access request latency remaining at 200 μs, the maximum sequential read throughput is 4 Gbit/s, and the maximum sequential write throughput is 2.4 Gbit/s.
Up to 8 Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs
Provide up to 125.6 TFLOPS in FP32 (single precision floating point) or 62.4 TFLOPS in FP64 (double precision floating point) performance.

Get Started in Three Simple Steps

Buy Your Reserved Instance and then select pay-as-you-go
Step 1
Purchase Reserved Instances
Select RI cores and memory
Disk and Traffic Not Included
Buy Now
Step 2
Choose ECS PAYG Instance*
Select instance and disk
PAYG Required
Buy Now
Step 3
Start Your instance
The disk and traffic fees of PAYG ECS is charged at a later date
Start Now
*RI instances can only be used with a corresponding PAYG instance(s). Learn more about how to utilize RI>
Understanding Reserved Instances
Actually Reserve Instances are different with general virtual machines, it's more like a kind of payment method for PAYG instances' CPUs and Memory.
-- By RI Product Designer

Customer Success Stories

Explore how customers are using Reserved Instances
Increased Development and Operations Efficiency
  • The Challenge During different phases, we need different instances such as for development, testing, and deployment. To save on operation costs, we choose the subscription instances, but this required a lot of operation work due to the need to erase data, data transfers and to unbind the IP address in addition to other problems.
  • The Solution For easily instance management, we upgraded to use Reserved Instances; when a new instance is needed, we simply activate a new instance and select pay-as-you-go. We can also easily substitute from a single-core to a four-core instance.
  • The Benefits Reserved Instances allowed us to speed up efficiency and allowed us to focus on real work.
Simplified Game Development and Speed up Time to Market
Easy distribution of CPU cores in each development phase
Gaming Company: Cloud costs reduced by 15%
  • The Challenge When the number of daily active users decreases, some instances need to be released. And for newer games, new instances are often required. Previously we had to apply for new budget requirements, making everything slower, and increasing time to market.
  • The Solution By switching to Reserved Instances, we were able to navigate the complex financial processes faster, and our cloud costs decreased.
  • The BenefitsReserved Instances saved us a ton of time and money and helped simplify our processes.

Notes for Using RIs

1. RI can only cover the cost of the CPU and memory. Disk and traffic of your PAYG instances are charged separately.
2. Regional RI covers PAYG instances in its region if the family type is the same.
3. Zonal RI covers PAYG instances in its availability zone if instance type is precisely the same. And only zonal RI can book instance resource in advance.
4. Zero upfront payment needs to be applied first by submitting a ticket.
5. When you purchase an RI with zero upfront or partial upfront, event if there is no PAYG instance running under the RI, you will also be charged for the hourly fee. But If you pay RI all upfront, there will be no attached fee.
6. Each user can only purchase 20 regional RIs in total. But for zonal RI every user can buy up to 20 RIs for each availability zone.
7. RI only supports the instance family type of sn1ne, sn2ne, se1ne, ic5, c5, g5, r5, hfc5, hfg5, g6, c6, r6, t6 and t5. But burstable type ( t5 and t6 ) only support zonal RI.
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