Digital Transformation with Red Hat & Alibaba Cloud

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    Digital Transformation with Red Hat & Alibaba Cloud

    Rahul Vijayan & Ken Xu

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Alibaba Cloud collaborates with Red Hat to support organizations journey to the Cloud. By running Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Alibaba Cloud, customers can take full advantage of the reliability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux open source operating system, and the flexibiliy of Alibaba Cloud's infrastructure and services.

Red Hat Linux 8 is now available on the Alibaba Cloud marketplace. View more details.



Rahul Vijayan

Senior Principal Product Manager

Rahul is a Senior Principal Product Manager with Red Hat, who recognizes customer’s problems and solves them using next generation technologies. Rahul works on optimizing RH solutions & products that matter to the current market.

Ken Xu

Solution Architect

Ken Xu is a Solution Architect at Alibaba Cloud Singapore. He is also a certified Red Hat Delivery Specialist in Container Platform Application Deployment. His expertise lies in Enterprise Application design and development, as well as complex system integration.

Why Red Hat on Alibaba Cloud

Fast Innovation and Agile Deployment

With support for emerging technologies on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, you can build innovative applications faster and easily deploy them across multiple cloud environments.

Connecting to Digital China

As a leading cloud provider in China, we can help you meet Chinese requirements and reach new customers via our China Gateway solution. You can gain a unified, connected experience and infrastructure across regions to simplify and streamline operations.

Save Costs and Manage Risks

To stay ahead of the competition, enterprises must develop and launch new products faster. Alibaba Cloud delivers a modern cloud foundation to help you quickly create innovative products, manage expenses, and mitigate risks.

Secure and Compliant

Alibaba Cloud adheres to a number of domestic and international information security standards and industry requirements. This includes undergoing third-party evaluations and reviews from certification authority agencies.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 64bit

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a stable, proven foundation that's versatile enough for rolling out new applications.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6

RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.5 64bit supports less than or equal to 4 Vcpu of ECS instance.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 64bit

RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.5 64bit supports less than or equal to 4 Vcpu of ECS instance.

Elastic Compute Service

An online computing service that offers elastic and secure virtual cloud servers to cater to all your cloud hosting needs.

Alibaba Cloud Financial Services

With a robust infrastructure platform, data analytics services, and AI technologies, Alibaba Cloud helps financial institutions, from multi-finance groups to FinTech for their digital transformation.

Alibaba Cloud Security Services

The accumulated extensive experiences from various and massive security attacks ensure that your business threats and attacks are minimized on the cloud.


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