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High Availability

99.95% uptime guarantee
99.9999999% cloud disk reliability

Free Snapshot

Flexible and automatic

Highly Cost-effective

No maintenance required on network and
hardware, save up to 80% on traditional architecture

Elastic Compute Service (ECS)

Power your business with Generation III ECS instances
with higher I/O performance and faster memory access

1 Core CPU

Intel Xeon E5-2682 v4

1GB Memory

DDR4 memory

SSD Cloud Disk

1TB Data Transfer Plan

Choose hosting environment
Strikingly Website Builder Hot
  • Strikingly Website Builder Hot
  • CentOS 7.3 64bit
  • Ubuntu 16.04 64bit
Strikingly free for 1-year. Detail
Choose data center region
US West 1 (Silicon Valley)
  • US West 1 (Silicon Valley)
  • Asia Pacific SE 2 (Sydney)
  • US East 1 (Virginia)
  • EU Central 1 (Frankfurt)

Special offer price

Power Your Business on Alibaba Cloud

A simple, scalable and secure IaaS platform

Easy to deploy

Launch in 1 minute

Reserved IP address

Assigned with permanent IP address

Scalable block storage

Attach SSD cloud storage space and new data disks

Full administrative access

Multiple management styles including console, remote terminal and API

Free CloudMonitor

Automate performance monitoring of all cloud resources in real-time

SSD Cloud Disk

High IOPS performance up to 20000

Free Anti-DDoS Basic

Protect your data and application from DDoS and Trojan attacks

3-copy data backup

High data reliability of 99.9999999%

Virtual Private Cloud

For utmost control of your data, security and resources

About this Promotion

Terms and Conditions

  • This promotion is applicable for registered users of Alibaba Cloud.
  • This promotion applies to ECS instances deployed in US West, US East, EU Central and Australia regions.
  • This promotional offer cannot be used in conjunction with other special offers or coupons.
  • This promotion is only applicable to subscription orders, not renewal orders.
  • This promotion is limited to 3 orders per user, with 1 instance per order. Each user can purchase up to 3 instances.
  • If an individual user has multiple accounts, only one account is eligible to participate.
  • Choose a Strikingly image and get 1-year free. See details
  • This promotion is valid until August 19, 2017.


1. How do I get the free 1TB Data Transfer Plan listed in the ECS Package? How long is the valid period of the Data Transfer Plan in the Package? What happens to unused data on my plan? What happens if I exceed my Package Data Transfer Plan? In which regions can I deduct instance traffic costs from my data transfer plan?
1) You will receive a 12-month Data Transfer Plans in your console order list if you purchase a yearly subscription. Each monthly plan comes with one-month validity that can be activated on a one-by-one basis. If you purchase a monthly subscription, the free Data Transfer Plan will be sent to your console with one-month validity.
2) The Data Transfer Plan is only valid for that month’s usage period. Unused data will not be transferred to the following month.
3) If traffic for that month exceeds the package amount, you will be billed at the instance’s network Pay-As-You-Go regional rate. Here are the rates per region. You can also purchase the Data Transfer Plan here.
4) The peak bandwidth for ECS instances from the ECS Package is 50Mbps. This cannot be modified by the user.
5) The data transfer plan can be applied to traffic costs in the EU Central, US East, US West, Australia, and Singapore regions.
2. How to bill after the preferential period of subscription for ECS instance and Data Transfer?
After the preferential period of your instance purchase period, the instance(s) will be billed as per the listed price on our website, and Data Transfer will be billed as per the actual usage incurred for each instance.
3. Will my ECS instance(s) be automatically renewed when the purchase period ends? How can I continue using my ECS instance(s)?
No. Cloud server products in this special offer won't be automatically renewed. If you would like to continue usage after the campaign has ended, please manually renew before the instance/s is released.
4. Can I get a refund on the Package?
Alibaba Cloud does not provide a refund function after the instance has been purchased.