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The Perfect Solution for Business Communication

Get the essential communication tools for your business and help your colleagues and clients stay connected wherever they are.

Email for enterprise
Personal online storage
Communication tool
Collaboration platform
Business domain

DingTalk: An All-in-one Mobile Workplace

Unified Communication

Organized Contact List

View the organization's structure at a glance.
Find co-workers with ease, no need to save phone numbers.

Privacy Mode

Choose whether your contact phone number can be seen by the organization.


Group Management

Contacts are automatically removed from chats after leaving organization.

Watermark Feature

Option to place watermark for group chat screenshots.

Correct messages & sent items with ease

Recall messages with 24 hours.
Group admins can recall messages anytime.


Urgent Messages

Sent a message but no reply?
Need an approval urgently?
Send a Ding! Get a reply quickly.

Schedule a Meeting

Schedule meetings inside your chat.
DingTalk helps organize your meeting details.

Calendar Management

Various Dings will be displayed in Calendar.
Clear view of Meetings, Tasks, and Schedules.



Anytime, anywhere.
Understand team's attendance conveniently.
Simple setup for multi-locations.


Simple mobile approval.
Powerful workflow management.

Built on Our Powerful Cloud Platform

Independently developed by Alibaba Cloud based on Alibaba Cloud's platforms The only email operator in the industry with independent public cloud services and all the advantages of the cloud platform.

An Easy Way to Manage Email

  • Scan QR code to login and retrieve password automatically.

  • Read or unread status, important emails, and non-employee accounts display

  • Compose an email and drag large attachments to it

  • View schedule, set repeated events, and additional time zones calendar sharing

  • Architecture group, static group, and dynamic email groups

  • Email review, permission setting and group management permission transfer

Alibaba Mail Plans & Pricing

  • Key Features
  • Mailbox storage
  • Personal online storage
  • Large attachment size
  • Phone support
  • Message recovery
  • Standard Edition
  • 100 GB
  • 5 GB
  • 1 GB
  • 24/7
  • 7 Days
  • Advanced Edition
  • 1 TB
  • 10 GB
  • 2 GB
  • 24/7
  • 7 Days
  • Number of Users
  • 3<=N<=10
  • 11<=N<=30
  • 31<=N<=50
  • 51<=N<=100
  • 101<=N<=150
  • 151<=N<=200
  • 201<=N<=300
  • 301<=N<=400
  • 401<=N<=500
  • 501<=N<=700
  • 701<=N<=1000
  • N>=1001
  • Standard Edition
  • $45.00/ user / year
  • $43.20/ user / year
  • $41.50/ user / year
  • $39.80/ user / year
  • $38.20/ user / year
  • $36.70/ user / year
  • $35.20/ user / year
  • $33.80/ user / year
  • $32.50/ user / year
  • $31.20/ user / year
  • $29.90/ user / year
  • $28.70/ user / year
  • Advanced Edition
  • $60.00/ user / year
  • $57.60/ user / year
  • $55.30/ user / year
  • $53.10/ user / year
  • $51.00/ user / year
  • $48.90/ user / year
  • $47.00/ user / year
  • $45.10/ user / year
  • $43.30/ user / year
  • $41.60/ user / year
  • $39.90/ user / year
  • $38.30/ user / year

Start from

$18 / month

Start from

$13.5 / month

Alibaba Mail Keeps out Spam

Proprietary Email Solution

Independent research and development

Spam Recognition

Spam recognition rate above 99.9999%.


Able to defend against hundreds of millions of attacks

Frequency Control

Intelligent dynamic frequency control


Massive data mining and nearly tens of millions of user credit data


Alibaba's own anti-phishing library for Taobao systems

A Safe & Reliable Email Platform for Big & Small Enterprise

ISO 27001
Information Security Management System

in the world to pass the CSA STAR Gold Certification

ISO 20000
Information Technology Service Management System

ISO 22301
Business Service Continuity Management System

Free Trial Offer Terms & Conditions

How long is the free trial valid for?
The free trial offer is valid for the first month on either the Standard Edition or the Advanced Edition.
Eligibility for the free trial offer
The free trial offer does not apply to customers who already purchased enterprise email nor participated in this free-trial offer previously.