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What is the Alibaba Cloud Global Call Center Partner Program?

To promote Alibaba Cloud’s globalization strategy and implement the advantages of new technology, we invite you to join the Alibaba Cloud Global Call Center Partner Program.

  • Global Marketing

    Alibaba Cloud Global Call Center Partners will become an Alibaba service partner

    Market Alibaba Cloud products through direct communication with customers from around the world.

  • Advantages

    Alibaba Cloud Global Call Center Partners can leverage global channels to connect with customers from all around the world

    Partners can draw on Alibaba Cloud’s global brand presence to support their own global journey

  • Shared Success

    Grow and succeed together

    Make a difference together

Become an Alibaba Cloud Global Call Center Partner

Partner Process:

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Partner Eligibility

• An entity who is willing to partner with Alibaba Cloud to explore global markets and grow globally through technology.
• Experience Requirements: Proven experience partnering with world-renowned service providers in the global telemarketing industry.
• Team Requirements: A global marketing team of at least 20 team members, with the capacity to offer services in English or other languages as required.
• Facility Requirements: Capable of making outgoing international calls.
• Operation Requirements: Well-established recruitment, training, and management systems as well as emergency response and security QC competencies.

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