Launched 10 years ago on Sep 10, 2009, Alibaba Cloud has now grown to be the No.3 public cloud service provider in the world. With a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services in 61 availability zones worldwide, we now serve over 1 million paying customers across 200 countries and regions.

Keep Innovating, for a Better World

Alibaba Cloud believes that technology has the power to change the world. In the past 10 years, we have continually pushed for self-R&D and innovation to help our clients to solve problems and define new opportunities for growth. Download the ebook to learn more about the technology evolution of Alibaba Cloud and our 10 takeaways from the past 10 years.

Alibaba Cloud‘s 10 Take-aways from 10 Years

High-Speed and Secure Global Network Coverage

Over the past decade, Alibaba Cloud networks have become increasingly prominent for its scalability, reliability and cost-effectiveness. We now deliver secure and high-speed communication with our network of 20 Data Center regions, 61 Availability Zones, and 2,800+ CDN nodes worldwide.

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20 Data Center Regions

61 Availability Zones

2,800+ CDN Nodes

Peak Transaction Volume for Each Year's Double 11

Record-Breaking Elastic Computing Performance

Originating from the technologies of Taobao, Alibaba Cloud’s compute services help you run your cloud applications with record-breaking performance, powering the world largest online shopping festival - Double 11 - with peak transaction volume of 325,000 orders/sec in 2018.

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5 X Higher Computing Performance

240,000 Single-Disk IOPS

7 Million PPS Throughput

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Revolutionary and Award-Winning Database Services

Alibaba Cloud's database team has been on a mission to lead the transformation of database technology in Mainland China and beyond. There are now over 100,000 database instances running on our award-winning suite of database products.

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100,000+ Database instances running on Alibaba Cloud Database

1st Public Cloud offering enterprise version of MariaDB TX

Ground-Breaking Big Data Performance to Feed Advances in AI

Alibaba Cloud's powerful big data platform has supported numerous industries including transportation, healthcare, finance, and education, processing more than 600PB of data every day and supported 120,000 transactions per second during peak online traffic hours.

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Process more than
of data every day

Job throughput of
of data records per second

1,000 TFLOPS
of deep learning
computing capability

Intelligent and World-Class Security Services

Since Alibaba Cloud launched, security has been one of our key pillars. After a decade of fending off countless attacks from almost any vertical imaginable, we are capable of defending 800 million attacks and 200 million password cracks every day.

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800 Million
attacks defended
every day

200 Million
password cracks
defended everyday

Defended against 2 Billion
web attacks on Double 11
Shopping Festival 2018

See What Our Customers and Staff Say About Their Last 10 Years

Craig St George, VP of Technology and Solutions, ICONZ-Webvision. 20 Years ago, the company was a supplier for core location dedicated services, how has it grown to be a full cloud manage service provider? Listen to the story.

Wong Han Neng, IT manager in retail and fashion, Singapore. Experienced in the IT sector, Han Neng believes he can bring some of the latest knowledge into the retail sector, let's watch his stories in 10 years.

Thomas Ho, GM of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, Macau, who’s been with Alibaba since 2007. Learn his story from an insider’s perspective on Alibaba Cloud’s growth over the past 10 years.

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In the past ten years, we have conquered countless technical difficulties, created innovative solutions, and broken world records, all by working together with our customers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their support, understanding, and the business opportunity they have given us!

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