Dedicated Host

DDH is a solution for security and regulation implementation and flexible resource deployment. It offers dedicated resources in Alibaba Cloud for industries and businesses that handle sensitive data such as government departments, healthcare providers, HR departments, and financial institutions.

Dedicated Host (DDH) is a host service that allows a tenant to use dedicated hardware resources based on Alibaba Cloud virtual hosting services. This service enables enterprises to achieve custom deployment, features bring your own license (BYOL) as well as meets all security and regulation compliance norms. DDH also supports multiple types of ECS instances and features the same performance and stability standards as any other ECS instance created in the cloud.


Security and Regulation Compliance
DDH allows you to allocate dedicated hardware resources, such as CPU, memory, and network resources, to isolate physical servers for sensitive business data.
Bring Your Own Liscense BYOL
With DDH, you can use your own licenses to create ECS instances. This reduces investment for cloud deployment.
Custom Deployment
Allows you to create ECS instances on the specified DDH and migrate ECS instances between a DDH environment and a multi-tenant environment.
Same ECS Features
ECS instances created on a DDH are stable and have the same computing, networking, and storage features as ECS.


  • Dedicated Hardware Resources

    DDH provides a single-tenant environment. You can view information about all physical resources on a DDH.

  • Custom Deployment

    You can create ECS instances on the specified DDH and migrate ECS instances from a DDH environment to a multi-tenant environment.

  • BYOL

    You can bring your own licenses to DDH for using physical resources such as CPUs and sockets.


  • High Performance and Stability Solution
Project Deployment Solution

Project Deployment Solution

Deploy Resources by Project to Improve Security Compliance

For enterprises that have strict business security and isolation requirements, you can use DDH to centrally deploy servers for a business department or project. DDH also allows you to allocate dedicated hardware resources to different departments or projects, to improve the security and regulation compliance.


  • Centralized and Distributed Instance Deployment

    You can deploy instances on different physical servers or centrally deploy them on one physical server.

  • Security and Regulation Compliance

    Meets the security and regulatory requirements and ensures the high availability of your business.

High Performance and Stability Solution

High Performance and Stability Solution

Enables you to build highly stable servers for gaming and live-streaming.

You can deploy a group of business clusters on the same DDH to ensure the stability of intercommunication between instances. In addition, you can deploy the business replicas on other DDHs to improve high availability for your business and avoid business risks caused by single point of failures (SPOFs).


  • Stable Performance

    Provides dedicated CPU and memory resources to prevent performance issues caused by not having enough resources.

  • High Availability

    Each zone supports high availability architecture to avoid business risks caused by SPOFs.