Brief Introduction of Apsara Clouder

Apsara clouder is a light-weight certification. Aim to help trainees to quickly understand a technique and learn how to use it as a practical skill.

Apsara Clouder - Cloud Computing Specialist Certification

Deploy an e-commerce website on Alibaba Cloud

Quickly learn how to publish an e-commerce website using SAS.

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Publish a static website in China with ICP

Quickly learn how to publish a static website using OSS.

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Construct a dynamic website

Quickly learn how to construct a dynamic website

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Operate and Manage a cloud server

Learn how to provisioning, manage and operate a cloud server.

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Operate and manage RDS

Quickly learn the concepts and features of RDS and how to use RDS console to host and manage a SQL database.

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Operate and Manage OSS

Quickly learn the concepts and features of OSS and how to use OSS console to perform common operations.

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Use SLB to handle large traffic

Learn to use Alibaba Cloud SLB to help your website to handle large incoming user traffic

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Apsara Clouder - Cloud Security Specialist Certification

Cloud platform security overview

You will understand the transition from traditional IT infrastructure to cloud infrastructure and recommended security best practice in cloud.

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Cloud Application Security

You will understand the main security risks faced by web applications on internet and solutions offered by Alibaba Cloud.

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Apsara Clouder - Big Data Specialist Certification

Analyze Log Data with Alibaba Cloud Big Data Platform

In this Clouder you will learn how to load, anlalyze and get better insight from the semi-structured log data using Alibaba Big Data platform

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Alibaba Cloud Big Data Quickstart Series: Data Integration

Quickly learn the basic concepts and architecture of MaxCompute and DataWorks, and how to do the data integration with multiple data sources and formats.

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Generate business reports with quickBI

Alibaba Big Data Essentials

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Using DataV to create a large dashboard

Data Integration on Alibaba Cloud

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Apsara Clouder - Basic Skill Specialist Certification

Alibaba JAVA Coding Guidelines

This certification exam is based on "Alibaba Java Coding Guidelines" to test whether your coding habits comply with this specification or not, and issue the “Alibaba Coding Guideline” certificate.

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  • 1. What’s the difference between Apsara Clouder and ACA/ACP certifications?
    Apsara Clouder is a light-weight online exam to quickly equip individuals with basic scenario-based knowledge and skills to work with Alibaba Cloud. The exam covers three domains, including Cloud Computing, Cloud Security and Big Data, and provides certification for various topics under each domain. Each certification includes online course + online test. Individuals who complete the online test will receive a digital certificate. ACP / ACA certifications are professional certification to validate individuals’ technical expertise with Alibaba Cloud. Both ACA and ACP provide certifications for three domains, including Cloud Computing, Cloud Security and Big Data. Individuals are required to take the exam in our authorized exam center.
  • 2. If I want to get a refund after purchasing the Apsara Clouder exam, can I?
    Refund is currently not supported.
  • 3. Who should take the Apsara Clouder Techinical Certificate exam?
    Beginners who are interested in Cloud Computing and would like to know more about how to use Alibaba Cloud in specific scenarios.

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