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Alibaba Cloud is committed to apply data intelligence to help doctors and nurses offer better healthcare services to patients and ultimately save more lives.

We Help Solve the Healthcare Industry’s Core Problems

Healthcare Management

Through the analysis of clinical and hospital operation data, combined with medical quality standards, Alibaba Cloud's intelligent algorithms increase the quality of medical records. Automatic monitoring and analysis significantly reduce medical accidents caused by human error, improve the quality of medical services, and better leverage statistical management for medical institutions.

Operational Analysis

By using Alibaba Cloud's intelligent algorithm to analyze 700 core indicators of medical institutions and regional medical operations as well as key indicators of government regulators. Alibaba Cloud was able to find anomalies and provide recommendations in hospital operations and management.

AI Enabled Accessibility

Alibaba Cloud uses its proprietary AI platform which includes image and voice recognition and clinical diagnosis support so medical institutions large and small can have access to today’s best technological advancements in the medical industry. It supports visual application management, secure data docking and data integration and allows healthcare organizations as well as patients to access medical history and diagnosis quickly and easily.

Intelligent Scheduling

Alibaba Cloud’s Intelligent Scheduling Solution uses big data to analyze and predict medical needs and patient activity. In addition it can effectively optimize medical resources so that patients can always have access to appropriate medical services without long waits.

Breakdown the Barriers to Data Collection

The Medical Brain helps customers and partners innovate and dig into data in every sector of the healthcare industry

Jiande Hangzhou’s First People's Hospital

Pain Points:

The medical service is more dependent on the statistics than ever. Medical record sampling can only solve a fraction of the needs of the healthcare industry. Misdiagnosis due to human error such as misreading handwriting, dosages, and other medical information is all too common.


Using Medical Brain can improve the quality of medical records management. In addition by using image recognition it can systematically double and triple check diagnoses and dosages of medicine to make sure that the patient gets the right and best quality treatment.


Medical Brain effectively improved the quality of medical care management, reduced instances of medical accidents and overall, improved medical services which led Jiande First People’s Hospital to be awarded HIMSS6 certification for the first time in China.

Hangzhou Children’s Hospital

Pain Points:

Medical services often suffer when there are large fluctuations in emergency room traffic, large crowds and long waits.


Medical Brain’s Smart Scheduling Platform, allows data to be analyzed from inside and outside the hospital to predict an influx of patients and alert the hospital staff. Both patients, doctors and nurses can access the platform to see how busy the hospital is and where or if resources should be allocated.


Medical Brain helped hospital managers grasp the status and positioning of outpatient services in real time, allocated medical resources in advance; helped patients to have a more complete understanding of hospital traffic flows and trends so that they can choose a more reasonable time for medical treatment.

Smart Medical Imaging

Pain Points:

Disease screening and diagnosis through various medical images have become the mainstream clinical tools, but the training of imaging and pathology practitioners cannot keep up with increasing demand. At the same time, the work of reading medical scans is time-consuming and has exacerbated the demand for experienced medical professionals.


By using algorithms to study medical images, this product can detect abnormalities to help physicians improve accuracy of detection and reduce misdiagnosis.


Assisted imaging physicians to quickly read images and film, and can help detect possible missing parts of lesions to improve the accuracy and efficiency of doctor's diagnosis. Alibaba Cloud's Medical Brain unified platform reduces hospital management costs and ensures the safety data management.

QingWT Gene

Pain Points:

Currently, by using high-throughput gene sequencing technology, scientists have acquired vast amounts of genetic data, and have found a large number of corresponding diseases. However, processing and analyzing vast amounts of life data is beyond the reach of traditional data analysis methods.


Through Alibaba Cloud's medical computing, storage, and analysis platforms as well as the Tianmart Precision Medical Competition brought together more than ten thousand algorithm scientists throughout the world to accurately predict disease and produce the world's leading predictive model for the personalized treatment of diabetes.


Through the powerful ability of Medical Brain's data computing platform, the joint efforts of algorithm scientists, and machine learning, diabetes prediction accuracy is increased.

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Data Cleaning and Storage

Smart Application Docking

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