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Best practices of over 1 billion users for development, operations, and maintenance of applications (apps)

App Oriented Platform

Provides all-around solutions for development, testing, monitoring, operation, marketing, security, and user participation of apps

App Security Compliance

Provides end-to-end security protection capabilities for mobile apps to ensure business compliance and sustainable operations

App Development Acceleration

Lowers the technical threshold for app development, reduces R&D costs, improves R&D efficiency, and significantly shortens the development cycle

App Industry Adaptation

Provides app solutions for vertical industry scenarios, such as finance, operators, public services, and travel

Accelerate Your Journey towards Super-App

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Full Lifecycle Mobile Development Tools and Services

Lifecycle Service Feature and Scenario


Client Development Modules Client Development Modules Client development modules include frontend framework and UI components, HTML5 container and offline package, device ID, social sharing, code scanner, and data center.
Mobile Gateway Service (MGS) Mobile Gateway Service (MGS) MGS simplifies the data and communication protocols between the mobile terminal and the server and can significantly improve development efficiency and network communication efficiency.
Mobile Sync Service (MSS) Mobile Sync Service (MSS) MSS can actively synchronize business data from the server to the client app in a timely, accurate, and orderly manner.
EMAS HTTPDNS EMAS HTTPDNS EMAS HTTPDNS sends DNS requests based on the HTTP or HTTPS protocol, which effectively resolves the issues of hijacking, inaccurate resolution, untimely updates, and instability in traditional DNS services. Start free trial >

Audio and Video Services Audio and Video Services Bespoke

Audio and video services provide capabilities (such as intelligent dual-recording, audio and video calls, livestreaming, short videos, and IM). Audio and video services accelerate the construction of services (such as mobile video business hall and online customer service). Contact Sales >
Short Video SDK Short Video SDK Short video SDK adds various features to apps that allow you to record, crop, edit, merge, and upload videos. A default UI and the complete source code of the UI are provided. You can customize the UI based on your requirements. One-month free trial > Demo App >
Push SDK Push SDK Push SDK allows you to easily build livestreaming services in apps. Push SDK delivers an all-in-one livestreaming solution that integrates video stream collection, rendering, stream ingest, transcoding, distribution, and playback. Push SDK supports adaptive-bitrate stream ingest on clients and Narrowband HD™ transcoding in the cloud.
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EMAS Mobile Testing EMAS Mobile Testing EMAS Mobile Testing provides the Mobile Device Lab testing service and supports discretionary custom testing services to test app compatibility, functionality, and performance.

Mobile Simulation Testing Mobile Simulation Testing Coming Soon

Elastic Cloud Phone allows you to use cloud phones to replace real Android devices for app functional testing. Elastic Cloud Phone supports a more flexible control mode and allows you to modify the attributes of devices.


Mobile Security Armor (MSA) Mobile Security Armor (MSA) MSA protects the security of Android mobile apps by providing features (such as anti-decompile, anti-tamper, anti-memory debugging, anti-hook, and anti-white box attack). 7-day free test >


Mobile Delivery Service (MDS) Mobile Delivery Service (MDS) MDS allows you to manage and release version update packages, hotfix packages, and HTML5 offline packages. MDS supports fine-grained canary release and real-time rollback, allowing you to complete deployment within a few seconds. 10,000 free calls >


Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS) Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS) ARMS provides 24/7 monitoring and alerting for apps. This service is suitable for performance optimization before and after stress testing and end-to-end monitoring after microservices architecture transformation. 15-day free trial>
Mobile Analysis Service (MAS) Mobile Analysis Service (MAS) MAS provides crash reports and logs that contain information (such as the error interface, cause of exception, and runtime environment) to help troubleshoot errors.

Open Ecosystem

EMAS Superapp EMAS Superapp Build superapps and corresponding ecosystems on a full-stack platform. Contact Sales >
Mini Program Mini Program Alibaba Cloud provides a mini program open platform that enriches service scenarios and activates app users. You can also turn your app into a mini program and publish the mini program on other high-traffic app platforms. This implements one development and multi-platform delivery.


Real ID Real ID Real ID provides a remote online solution for eKYC. Real ID also supports document OCR, anti-counterfeiting, and liveness detection on apps.
App Operating Tools App Operating Tools App operating tools provide various operational capabilities, such as behavior analysis, user group analysis, mobile content delivery, A/B testing, and intelligent prediction.
Artificial Intelligence Recommendation (AIRec) Artificial Intelligence Recommendation (AIRec) AIRec allows you to easily build high-quality personalized recommendation services in apps, provides algorithm templates customized for industries, and supports personalized customization based on the negative feedback of end users.
OpenSearch OpenSearch OpenSearch allows you to easily build intelligent search services in apps. OpenSearch implements an intelligent semantic understanding of search queries. OpenSearch allows you to customize sort policies and provides search guidance services, such as drop-down suggestions, top searches, and hints.

Cloud Messaging Cloud Messaging

You can use Short Message Service, Direct Mail, Message Push Service, and ChatAPP via WhatsApp to send verification codes, notification messages, and promotional messages by calling API operations.

Cloud Mobile Gaming Cloud Mobile Gaming Coming Soon

Elastic Cloud Phone uses video streaming to provide download-free app services for users. This facilitates the trial and promotion of your apps.

Customer Success Stories

China CITIC Bank International successfully transformed "inMotion" (its flagship mobile banking platform) into a robust banking super app with numerous app functionalities using Alibaba Cloud’s mPaaS platform and rich financial industry experience. It simplified app development, enhanced customer satisfaction, and accelerated business growth and expansion.

"Partnering with Alibaba Cloud, Binangonan Rural Bank was able to adopt a series of top-notch cloud services, which can be rapidly integrated to build a secure, easy-to-use, and compliant financial-grade mobile payment app, considering timeline and development resource constraints."

The Short Video SDK helped Kumu quickly add short video features to the application, thereby saving the investment required to develop the video app features in-house.

EMAS mobile testing provides a one-stop app quality management platform to help TnGD find various hidden issues (such as app crashes, compatibility, functional and performance issues, etc.), reduce user churn, and improve the app quality and competitiveness of TnGD.

Use More Services to Manage Your Apps

Various service portfolios of Alibaba Cloud allow you to deploy apps in an agile environment and help you bring interesting and innovative features to the market quickly.

Elastic Compute Service (ECS)
A stable computing service with superb performance, leading technologies, and flexible purchase options
The most cost-effective instances for various specific scenarios
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Alibaba Cloud Database Services
A variety of managed database services of Alibaba Cloud that support mainstream database engines
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Alibaba Cloud CDN
A fast, stable, secure, and custom content delivery service for accelerated distribution of content to users across the globe
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Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)
A Kubernetes-based service that ensures high efficiency for enterprises by running containerized applications on the cloud
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