Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 on Alibaba Cloud

Power your digital transformation with the latest generation of Red Hat on Alibaba Cloud.

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By running Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Alibaba Cloud, you can take advantage of the cost effectiveness, scalability, and flexibility of Alibaba Cloud's infrastructure and services, as well as the proven reliability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Alibaba Cloud's support backed by Red Hat Global Support Services.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is now available on Alibaba Cloud. Explore the power of intelligent IT solutions on the cloud.

Why Red Hat on Alibaba Cloud

Fast Innovation and Agile Deployment

With support for emerging technologies on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, you can build innovative applications faster and easily deploy them across multiple cloud environments.

Connecting to Digital China

As a leading cloud provider in China, we can help you meet Chinese requirements and reach new customers via our China Gateway solution. You can gain a unified, connected experience and infrastructure across regions to simplify and streamline operations.

Save Costs and Manage Risks

To stay ahead of the competition, enterprises must develop and launch new products faster. Alibaba Cloud delivers a modern cloud foundation to help you quickly create innovative products, manage expenses, and mitigate risks.

Secure and Compliant

Alibaba Cloud adheres to a number of domestic and international information security standards and industry requirements. This includes undergoing third-party evaluations and reviews from certification authority agencies.


Build your innovative application using the latest generation of Red Hat with Alibaba Cloud's cloud server free trial.

Red Hat Enterprise 8.0
Usage Fee


Alibaba Cloud Elastic Computing Service

2 vCPU + 4 GB Memory + 1 TB data transfer
Or 4 vCPU + 8 GB Memory + 1 TB data transfer

Free Trial

Total Cost


Choose Your Option

You can get the cloud server free trial if you have passed our Company Real Name Registration verification process. See Terms & Conditions.

Elastic Compute Services(ECS) + Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

Choose one configuration to start:
Red Hat Image + Two-month Free for ECS
Two-month Free for ECS

2 Core CPU  4 GB Memory
Red Hat Image

Ideal for high traffic web applications
Red Hat Image + One-month Free for ECS
One-month Free for ECS

4 Core CPU  8 GB Memory
Red Hat Image

Ideal for high concurrency web applications

Red Hat Image + Two-month Free for ECS

  • 2 Core, 4 GB, 40 GB ultra cloud disk
  • 1 TB data transfer
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
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Customers Using Red Hat on Alibaba Cloud

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    Rules & FAQs

    • Only accounts created after June 1, 2018, 07:00 UTC are eligible for the free trial offers. You may participate in the free trial within one year from the date you register an Alibaba Cloud account.
    • With this free trial offer, a user can try each product for free once. If you have multiple accounts, only one account is eligible to participate.
    • Users who pass our Company Real Name Registration verification process are eligible for Enterprise Free Trial. Those who have already joined our Individual Free Trial are not eligible for the Enterprise Free Trial.


    How to register for an enterprise account?
    Submit application here and get the result in as little as one work day.
    How to create a Red Hat instance on Alibaba Cloud?
    See Create an instance by using the wizard for details.
    What is the Enterprise Real-name Registration and how to pass it?
    Choose the account type as "Enterprise" when you register an Alibaba Cloud account, and then go to Console -> Account Management -> Real-name Registration to submit the required materials, once you have passed the review, you may enjoy the special offers for Enterprise accounts subject to the relevant terms and conditions.
    If you have already registered as an enterprise account, you can submit the application here. You will get the result in as little as one work day.
    If you have already registered as a personal account, you can submit a request here to convert to an enterprise account.
    Will I be charged if exceed the usage of free trial?
    Yes, you will simply pay standard service rates for the extra usage if you exceed the dollar value or allotted time during the free trial period.
    Will the free trail instance stop automatically after the free trial expires?
    Yes. For pre-paid products, when your free trial expires, the pre-paid instances will stop automatically and immediately. If you want to continue using them, please renew or upgrade before they expire.
    How can I continue using an instance used during free trial?
    You can renew or upgrade the instance when the free trial expires, using the same purchase process as for any other instances.
    Can the data transfer plan together with the free trial instance be renewed?
    The data transfer plan does not support renewals. After you renew the ECS instance, the data transfer generated by the instance will be charged with the standard pay-as-you-go fee, just like a regular ECS instance. If you require large amounts of data transfer, we suggest buying the Data Transfer Package, which can be also purchased on the ECS purchase page.
    Which regions are included in the free trial offer?
    All regions except for Dubai are included in this free trial offer. In very few cases, you may find some regions are temporarily out of resources. If this is the case, we recommend to try other regions instead.
    Do free trial instances support upgrades?
    Yes, your free trial instances can be upgraded just like any other instances.
    I chose the account type as “individual” when registered
    Currently we don’t support account self-upgrade, you can file a work order to get assistance from our post-sales team.
    Can customers of resellers join this campaign?
    This campaign is open to all registered users of While same as other Alibaba Cloud credit, the free trial credit cannot be used by users of resellers.
    How to migrate to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0?
    See Replace the system disk (non-public image) for details.
    What are the benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0?
    The intelligent OS for hybrid cloud
    Provides version options, long life-cycle commitments, a robust ecosystem of certified hardware, software, and cloud partners, and now comes with built-in management and predictive analytics.

    Support for emerging technologies
    A consistent and stable OS that adapts to machine learning, predictive analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, and big data workloads.

    Container tools that give you flexibility
    Allows you to tailor your systems to find, run, build, and share containers with other Open Container Initiative (OCI) standards-compatible tools. With this increased choice and support for containerized applications, you can implement business solutions when and how you want.

    Streamline your process
    Quickly on board non-Linux users using the web console, easily update apps using application streams, and monitor security with the built-in controls of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.