Message Queuing AMQP Upgrade Notification

[Alibaba Cloud] [Message Queuing AMQP] [Upgrade Notification]

Upgrade window: January 13, 2022, Beijing time 00:00-04:00

Upgrade content: China North 5 (Hohhot), China North 2 (Beijing), China East 1 (Hangzhou), China East 2 (Shanghai), China South 1 (Shenzhen), China North 3 (Zhangjiakou), Qingdao, China (Hong Kong), China South 3 (Guangzhou) ), the United States (Silicon Valley), the United States (Virginia), Singapore, Southwest 1 (Chengdu), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Japan (Tokyo) and other regions.

Upgrade impact: During the upgrade, the access to the AMQP related services of the message queue may be interrupted or refused to connect. Each time the interrupted or refused to connect will not exceed 1 minute, please make a reconnection and retry mechanism in the client. If you need to perform management operations on the console, avoid the maintenance period.
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