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Shinya Mori

Solution Architect, SBCloud


Field of Expertise
DevOps Cloud Native Architecture
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Awarded Field:SolutionAwarded Time:2017-12


My name is Shinya, and my internet nickname is mosuke5. I am working as a solution architect in Japan. Before starting my current job, I worked as a software engineer to develop network monitoring systems. I helped improve legacy systems and infrastructure by modernizing them. I was then exposed to public cloud and I was fascinated by it. My interest in cloud technology led me to join SBCloud, a company that provides Alibaba Cloud products and services to Japanese Enterprise companies. In my spare time, I'm one of organizers for cloud events, and I frequently introduce Alibaba Cloud to other engineers in Japan (typically about new products, use cases, and best practices). Furthermore, I develop my own application on the cloud, which can be found on my blog.