Omni-channel in one single platform Contact center solution: Complete feature set to run your business on 1 single platform Small CC can’t afford a CC solution. They use a PBX solution but doesn’t have all the info you need to track the performance and client’s journey. ZaiConversation affordable and accessible for every organization: SME/ BPO/ Corporates Problem with current solution: too expensive. Solution: customers save up to 50% with ZaiConversation pricing strategy.


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ZaiConversations is a cloud-based contact center solution designed to make the communication process between service agent and customer smooth, seamless, and productive. With ZaiConversations, call centers have an integrated view and immediate access to their caller’s information and history, making it easy for agents to effectively engage and interact with their clients’, understand what they need, and find an efficient way to resolve their issues or answer their queries.

The software’s artificial intelligence helps prioritize calls and service requests from customers based on multiple factors, such as wait times, call frequency, number of transfers, and service level agreements. ZaiConversations also have a forecasting functionality that helps users ensure that they have an adequate number of agents to address a projected influx of calls. This results in less waiting time, more issues resolved, and more customers satisfied with their service experience.




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ZaiConversations uses a simple but sophisticated usage-based payment model. Contact ZaiLab for more enterprise pricing information and other product details.


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