The characteristics of trademark registration service for Be the Entrepreneur are: precise query,fast registration,guaranteed without concern,take 20 seconds to get the query results, avoid similar trademark registration. 1 hour quick declaration, immediately obtain acknowledge of official receipt. guarantee the whole process, risk aversion and refund in full amount.


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The features of three major service
Provide free and professional analysis services
1)Query similar trademark for free
2)Take 20 seconds to quick feedback
3)Double retrieve to trademark status
4)Strictly control to reduce the risk of registration
5)Solutions to a variety of trademarks
6)Effectively contribute to the trademark registration success
7)Exclusive one-to-one consultant
8)Provide professional solutions in 24 hours per day for each week.
prompt declaration services: Declare a day in advance, achieve your dream of brand as early as possible
1)report on the receiving day so as to avoid that the trademark being early registered by others
2)receive acknowledge receipt on the first day after reporting, high efficient and reliable
3)send notice in complete form, improve the success rate of trademark registration
The notice of handling status at any time
1)Transparency of Service process node, handle the business of tracking the status at any time
2)Monitoring trademark dynamic at any time, the notice of abnormal situation at any time
3)key notice of key file, delivery at fast speed to ensure arrive at home safely

Four major values of trademark registration
1)Brand protection shield Get the exclusive right to use, active defense (avoid being registered by someone else)
2)increase intangible asset enhance asset valuation of enterprise,facilitate corporate financing
3)market permit
Microblog.WeChat certification, equipped with JD, Tmall and other certificates of E-commerce platform.
4)Enhance brand reputation
Improve corporate and personal credibility, enhance the brand recognition and purchase confidence



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Service hotline:86 400-690-5908 or 13341030314
More information: please browse our company website: http://en.jiarui365.com


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