The Internet Information Service License



Its detailed business means we must obtain the legally qualification of business access through the building of information collect,develop, process and platform and through provide user with information service business via public telecommunication or internet.


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Service process:
The Intention of business negotiation: establish the scope of business according to the description and then determine the cooperation intention.
Business cooperation negotiation:conduct further negotiation of business application according to business scope and confirm the contract after such negotiation finished
prepare the preliminary materials:prepare the application materials after the final confirmation
submit the audit: to ensure the complete set of accurate materials and submit these materials to wait for audit of department in charge.
obtain the license: obtain the license after the audit finished

1.Which products we operate need to handle information service business?
Information disclosure platform and delivery service, information search and location service,information community platform service,information instant interactive service,information protection and process service.
2.Why we need to choose Be the Entrepreneur?
1)We have many years of rich experience in the industry.
2)real-time monitoring to project schedule
3)We maintained the principle that a promise is worth a thousand ounces of gold and we will refund if the business is not success.
4)We received the consistent selection of customers from many industries



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