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(1) We have cooperation with the China's professional human resource service agencies. (2) We have specialized service process (3) We have comprehensive and full range of product system,and provided the all-directional "point to point" solution centered on human resources outsourcing (4) Our deeper understanding of the policies and regulations and rich experience in labor dispute mediation. (5) The scope of services have covered most of China's provinces and cities.


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What kind of services you can get
(1) your company
● comprehensive and improved service;
● management in compliance with laws and regulations ;
●the fresh interpretation of new policy, and the latest adjusted suggestion in response to law changes;
(2) your staff
● Procedures Settlement in most timely manner;
● Enjoy the most authoritative payment,policy introduction and interpretation;
● Guarantee payment quality, avoid to cause inconvenience in your life;
(3) Your HR team
● prompt understand the recent policies,seamless integrate into government work,complete the paid related work at fastest speed;
● professionally grasp finished point of operating time, comprehensively control employment risk;
● A comprehensive understanding of the payment and enjoying problems of various insurance, answer all questions in real time.
The service content
Lthe agency services of social insurance for foreign employees
The establishment and management of social insurance unit account and individual account;
We pay social insurance for foreign employees on daily basis, handle social security card and medical passbook,provide necessary assistance and support to enjoy social insurance benefits; And provide the social insurance account queries and policy advisory services;
Other optional related services mainly include: translation service of social security procedure documents, consulting services for foreign employees to enroll in social insurance, professional personnel door-to-door auxiliary services and business accompanied by services,etc.



Service hotline:86 400-690-5908 or 13341030314
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$2901 / one year


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