Perfect Assistant Deployment for Swift 3.1

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- Set up new projects easily or download existing project templates - Create simultaneous macOS and Ubuntu builds on your local machine - Deploy your projects to your own ECS servers


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This image, maintained by PerfectlySoft Inc., contains Swift 3.1 on Ubuntu and supports all major Swift Package Manager (SPM) projects, including Perfect, Zewo, Vapor, Kitura and more.

This base image is used by Perfect Assistant to deploy your Server Side Swift projects.

Perfect Assistant is a macOS companion application providing a set of convenience tools designed to help Server Side Swift developers start, manage, compile, test, and deploy their server projects.

As one of the most popular open source Swift servers, Perfect has already won 12,000+ stars on (July 2017).

Perfect does have all the basic features you would expect, including things like routing, WebSockets, TLS (SSL), logging, Mustache, Markdown, JSON, etc… It also has some extras that are also found in other frameworks, such as XML, Apple Push Notifications, MQTT, and SMTP for email.

Besides, Perfect has a wide variety of database support. They have native connectors for SQL languages like MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB. It also supports MongoDB, Redis, CouchDB, and even FileMaker, complete with special ORM implementations, called StORM, for PostgreSQL, MySQL, CouchDB, Mongo, and SQLite.

Furthermore, Perfect, also has its own crypto library for your use, as well as SPNEGO/Kerebos, LDAP, and Active Directory support. It also has a native OAuth2 library, which provides pre-written implementations of popular third party logins like Facebook, Google, GitHub, LinkedIn, Slack, and more.

Perfect is also notable for supporting basic HTTP authentication. Perfect also provides its own custom implementation of sessions. Finally, they offer pre-written middleware packages for both CORS and CSRF.

Aside all these handy features, Perfect has gone far beyond the concept of traditional servers. Currently, Perfect is the only Swift server that supports Machine Learning (Perfect-TensorFlow) and Big Data (Perfect-Hadoop and GridFS as well).

Product Details, Documents, Extensions, Examples and Demos can be found on: contains the main repositories for the Framework and Engine contains all of their example projects contains the StORM ORM and its database connectors which contains complete, pre-written apps that are immediately configurable and deployable which contains more server utilities and extra accessories. tutorial videos on youtube

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Perfect Assistant Deployment for Swift 3.1

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We also have JIRA system ( to manage support ticket and feedbacks. Please feel free to request new features and improvements.

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