LEMP on Ubuntu 14.04 64bits

Architecture : 64-bit



Ubuntu 14.04 integrated with the lightweight yet powerful Nginx web server. We, IGS, provide a list of images pre-integrated with most popular software for web solution. It includes ready-to-run versions of Apache/Nginx, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin and all of the other software required to run each of those components. IGS image greatly simplifies the development and deployment of web applications.


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This image is built with Ubuntu 14.04 and bundled with following popular software for web service solution. Instead of Apache, this uses another high-performance HTTP server - Nginx web server. Optimized to address your security concern.
- Nginx 1.10.1 - high-performance web server software
- MySQL 5.7.13 - relational database management system
- PHP5.5.38
- PhpMyAdmin - Web GUI for the administration of MySQL
- openssh-server 6.6 - Secure remote console for server management
- openssh-sftp-server 6.6 - Secure FTP for file uploading

Default Website
To access, using following URL
http://<Global IP Address>

Upload web page files
Place your files into a directory called the "document root" of the server. The document root is at /data/wwwroot/default by default. Place your files there.
When you are finished (provided that your domain name has been updated around the world), you should be able to access your site in your web browser.

Use following URL to open phpMyAdmin page
http://<Global IP Address>/phpMyAdmin

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