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Our Products: 1. CloudFusion - Hybrid Cloud Management Platform 2. LogLoop - Log Analytics Platform 3. AppBalloon - Dev. Flow and Ops. Management Platform<br><br> <b>Default login user / password:admincreator / admin123</b>


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Supports more than 10 cloud platforms in public and private
We support private cloud (Vmware, Hyper-V, RHEV, Citrix, Xen, OpenStack, CAKE, and ITRI Cloud OS) and public cloud (Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Azure, and SoftLayer), also about to fuse Aliyun, TaiwanMobile, Telstra, and more coming soon.

One interface does all
One interface does multi cloud management, unified characteristics, Ease of application deployment and prompt adaption to different cloud providers

Skyport provides scalability
The open API interface featuring great elasticity that allows partners to integrate different platforms with API, thus enlarging the cloud developer's ecosystem


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