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HERE automotive-grade maps and location services for developers. Get fast, flexible access to map data and location functionality with HERE RESTful web services, JavaScript APIs and Mobile SDKs. Our APIs leverage the world's most accurate maps and allow for deployment of applications in practically all parts of the world, through a reliable and scalable infrastructure. Our services are used by DJI, Yahoo, Samsung, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Grab, Le Eco, etc.


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HERE Location Services are designed to support a variety of use cases and applications, while giving access to feature rich APIs for web and mobile development:

  • RESTful web services – for a more granular access to location functionalities that allow for a deeper level of customization
  • JavaScript API – for a quick and easy integration of location features into web applications
  • Mobile SDKs – for a native development that provides for unique location experiences

The global infrastructure supporting the HERE Location Services guarantees a world-class quality of service that includes fast service response time, reliable uptime and availability, and seamless handling to accommodate data traffic growth for any application. A rich set of features and functionalities are available for consumer or enterprise deployments:

Maps – offers access to fresh and accurate maps covering nearly 200 countries. Features include high-quality maps; map views including satellite and street-level imagery, optimized styles for commercial applications (e.g. fleet) and venues for indoor use cases

Geocoder – provides users with high-precision matching of coordinates and addresses, global coverage with fresh addresses and support for massive batch requests

Traffic – includes real-time traffic flow and incident data, as well as historical information for improved trip planning, traffic flow data with speed and congestion information, and the largest repository of historical speed patterns

Directions – our sophisticated routing algorithms offer a flexible, feature rich solution for trucks, cars, public transit and pedestrian routing, which can also consider real-time and historic traffic. In addition, we can help solve more advanced routing problems with our matrix and isoline routing capabilities

Transit – provides a complete door-to-door transit experience, comprehensive coverage of transit timetables, and a seamless connectivity between travel and transit modes (e.g. bus, train, subway) while taking into pedestrian-only access points such as stairways, sidewalks, crosswalks and more

Network Positioning – enables developers to build applications that require location estimates based on radio network measurement data. The supported measurement data includes 2G, 3G, 4G, and WiFi measurements globally

... and many more ...


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